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sigma 50mm

tried on sigma 50mm f1.4 for the first time during my uncle’s wedding. it’s so cool…

but it’s not mine.

get myself a new lens soon? nah… it will end up karat somewhere in my bag… how pathetic is my life.

sometimes, feel that my life is just like 50mm f1.4 lens.

sigh.. people will never understand.


hong kong 2011

i don’t talk much. i snap.

try to capture life, see life at a different angle and learn how to live my life..

you will find that most of the time, there’s only picutres and without the description. well, that’s me. i am not good in writing and i am definitely not good in describing. and i do believe that a picture tells a thousand words. everyone has a different point of view on the same thing, so there’s no need to restrict yourself when seeing things.

well, and this is how i see hong kong..

new wallpaper

whee.. just made a new wallpaper for my laptop again. 🙂

trying to make something new with new elements, new inspirations, new motivations and new photos.. but ended up with almost the same photos with the previous one. but at least, it gives a different feel and less narcissism kut.. narcissism.. hmmm.. after all i still narcissistic towards my product.

may be i should try to make something more cheerful with the photos i took in hong kong disneyland. but that’s so not me, living in imaginations, fantasies and dreams.. well, i was corrupted by hong kong drama since childhood.


mr wei min

yeah.. he is my little cousin brother. and yeah.. he is a syndromic baby, down syndrome.

but i think he lives a simpler and happier life than me, at least it’s stress free.

Cameron Highlands 2010

went to Cameron Highlands as planned. but if you guys want to go Cameron Highlands, please don’t go during the public holidays or peak season. crazy.. the traffic up there was so heavy. took me 1 and a half hour from brinchang to tanah rata.

seriously 2 days 1 night is not adequate for a shooting trip. at least have to spend 3 days 2 night up there since we spend around 3 hours at a place for shooting. still have lots of places which tak sempat to explore. we went cactus valley, sg palas tea plantation, EQ strawberry farm, market…

had to cancel the plan to gunung brinchang for sunrise due to the clutch disc of the car was burnt and my legs were fatigue, spasm and tremor, cannot control the clutch well.. don’t want to take the risk to drive there. sigh..

luckily the car was ok after cold it down.


craving for photo shooting

seriously, am craving for photo shooting. I AM CRAVING FOR PHOTO SHOOTING…

it has been a long time i didn’t have a proper photo shooting session out there. has been busy busy busy all this while and even busier in OnG. probably this makes me craving for it even more, probably i need something to de-stress, probably i need some times to back to the original me and do the things i like.. but not saying that i don’t like OnG.

here goes the plan, joeann and me are going Cameron Highlands for a 2 days 1 night photo shooting trip at the end of this posting. have been rejected by 3 ppl since it is during christmas and all have programs masing2. but both of us still on. here goes 2 photographers, with no model. lol. probably will just end up with the photographers and the plants.

lets see…


ya.. right.. i went to langkawi again, for the 4th time. lol

but the weather this time was ehem… very cloudy.. and rainy for most of the time. we have to wait for the sunset under the rain (probably i should rephrase, pity those who had to wait for me under the rain because i wanted to take the photos, paiseh la).

initially thought of wanna talk more on the trip, but i guess a picture tells a thousand words..

got to have the photo of this eagle to prove that this is Langkawi. lol

for more photos, please refer to my facebook’s album, tak larat to upload dah. :p


the underground project:

the underground project: surprise birthday party for Prof Shahrir

planning: started when prof was away for the ppd camp 1. get the details of his schedule of the day, what’s his favourite cake… from his wife. :p. did announcement to the coursemates from different postings orally (have to avoid facebook)

on the historical day:

parked the cars far away from prof’s house.. ^^

went into prof’s house when he went out to fetch her daughter from tuition. guys at upstairs while girls sorok kat dapur.


don’t play play, prof can play violin de ^^

welcome to arsenal..

status: mission accomplished  🙂

for more photos, please my facebook photo album

for details of the surprise, please refer to fadhli‘s blog. 🙂