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lif3 in teluk intan

well, should i start the post with ‘Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!’ ? lol.. anyway, forget about it, no merdeka feel at all in teluk intan despite the holiday which allow us to wake up late. then go makan. in fact, we go  food hunting almost everyday. lol. am not angel, i need food. and we are going to have steamboat for dinner tomorrow. wohoo..

the doctors here are all very nice. they teach us whenever they free, in the clinic, after clinic, in the ot, in between the ot, during on call… but is that a good thing for being so nice to us? we definitely happy for the teachings but i heard from my friends that the doctor from internal medicine get screwed for giving us teachings –> ‘don’t spoon feed the medical students’. the story started when one of the medical students wrote something like this in the feedback form ‘the int medicine posting in teluk intan should extend from 1 week to 2 weeks time. the doctors here are very dedicated to give us teachings.’ hello????? spoon feed? or u want us become like some of the medical students who come back from OVERSEA doing fluid thrill by ‘shaking the abdomen’ of the patient? doing shifting dullness by tapping the lateral side of patient’s abdomen but not percuss thru the middle finger? hello??

there were 6 of us in a house for the 1st week and 7 for the 2nd week. basically, everything is ok…. kut. hmmmm, or should i define it more specifically as ‘6+1’ or ‘5+2′? (don’t misunderstand, we never fight or argue, and we tolerate each other well, these are just some variations):

1 = seldom/rarely join us in the game (mini stack ’em and monopoly deal). ok la. orang rajin, kita malas sikit. tapi taklah malas sangat, we only play the games twice :p)

another 1= sits at the place which face the front pintu kaca but at the same time likes the thick curtain, privacy and safety very much. which means others are suffocating inside since she likes to close the thick curtain very much, air from outside can hardly blow in. once people open the curtain ‘slightly’ wider, here comes the reflex from her, stands up, walks towards the curtain, and closes it back. duh.. dah bagitau dia but still the same. her first respond when all of us out for dinner –> close the curtain. ok la, probably its my problem for not having awareness in safety.

the rest variations are more or less similar, the difference is not significant. lol. and there’s benefit if one of your roommates is mosquitoes attractor where the mosquitoes only like her blood even well equip with shieldtox, electrical mosquitoes racket, mosquitoes repellent.. . here, thank her very much for sacrificing herself to save us from the attacks.

hmm.. brought my slr along from kl to here but havent took it out for a photo yet. no mood for that here. tot of going to taiping lake for photo shooting but lazy to drive there.

and IF am in look out point, KL for the merdeka eve count down, sure it will be a very nice fireworks picture with the kl night view as the background. sigh.. wasted.

but already in holidays mood. cham.. i wanna go back kulim. cant wait to go langkawi, again. hehe..

ok lah, that’s all for now from teluk intan. chao..

happy merdeka!


choking in the air of freedom

whee~~ i am going to teluk intan tomorrow and i am temporary free from covering bed in hukm. lol.. already passed up cwu, so only things which left waiting for me are log book and text books. wuahahaha.. finally can concentrate on the study already, and of course sleep.

have been very busy in surgery posting until didn’t have much time to study, actually i also have no idea why am i so busy and tired. ward work? probably. waking up early in the morning is killing me, and even busier than int medicine posting but luckily it’s stress free. so am going to sleep gao gao in teluk intan and of course study gao gao too. what to do, the knowledge is sucks..

bought a celcom boardband yesterday, so solved the internet connection problem in teluk intan. whee~ filling the application/registration form with my home address, which means —> the bill will be sent to my home :p. ok, i know am bad. the worst thing is, i called my mom after i buy the broadband, so that they won’t be shocked by the monthly bill. :p (bad bad daughter). after all, my mom didn’t scold me.. because i finished my OnG posting, the boardband will be hers :p. my dad is going to fix my ex-laptop with secondhand motherboard and asked me to teach my mom msn. so ‘in’ huh? haha..

going to redbox as planned by my beloved housemate who ‘fong fei gei’ but of course, we still enjoy ourselves very much. lol.

fuh, i look damn cool with the cap. (perasannye.. :p)

‘am i seeing double?’ lol. my twin? haha..

*drum* presenting my cute housemate, ooi zhi yi.. lovely? she is still S.A.D. (Single, Available, and Desperate), so guys.. don’t terlepas peluang.. hahahaha..

ok, chao.. (have to pack for teluk intan –> clothes for 2 weeks, books, slr, laptop, boardband, japanese table, fold-able mattress, hangers.. oh ya blanket and bedsheet which i forgot last time, i dont wanna buy another bedsheet in Giant anymore..  MOST IMPORTANT thing –> headphone, or else i am going to suffer from the walking high pitch amplifier for the next 3 weeks, sorry, my tympanic membrane is just too lax and thin for such high pitch audio.)

surgeon in the making?

currently in surgery posting.. and suddenly so semangat wanna be a surgeon pulak (pembelot? still tot that am a physician wanna be).  can’t help. i think i have to admit that i like to use my hands more and my hands work better. so glad to be in hepatobiliary team. the consultant, specialists, registra and doctors are all very nice. willing to teach and give us task to do, train us like a houseman dah.. take blood, do the discharge summary.. bla bla bla…

assisted a surgery on monday, an almost 5 hours of repair of strangulated femoral hernia with iatrogenic perforated bladder. even though it was so tiring (kaki nak patah dah) but felt damn good. even kembang when kena puji ada steady hands (memang dah trained pun with photographer hands.. hehe.. :p) and happy being recognized by mr hairol in the next morning ward round even covering with mask in the OT.. whee~

can’t help.. even though i can’t stand for long period but i just love all those actions.. no action, no life.

previously, did i just fall in love with the field (physician) which i am not belong to?

and then now only realize that surgery is the mr right?  ^^ (may be i belong to ‘cut and throw’ field)

but to prepare myself to go helping at the disaster area in the future, guess it will be better to choose surgery. let’s see, still got long long way to go. who knows suddenly i end up OnG pula (but not likely la) :p

have to grab more chance to assist in the surgery la ni to gain more experience. whee~

me in OT  ^^

the underground project:

the underground project: surprise birthday party for Prof Shahrir

planning: started when prof was away for the ppd camp 1. get the details of his schedule of the day, what’s his favourite cake… from his wife. :p. did announcement to the coursemates from different postings orally (have to avoid facebook)

on the historical day:

parked the cars far away from prof’s house.. ^^

went into prof’s house when he went out to fetch her daughter from tuition. guys at upstairs while girls sorok kat dapur.


don’t play play, prof can play violin de ^^

welcome to arsenal..

status: mission accomplished  🙂

for more photos, please my facebook photo album

for details of the surprise, please refer to fadhli‘s blog. 🙂