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Cameron Highlands 2010

went to Cameron Highlands as planned. but if you guys want to go Cameron Highlands, please don’t go during the public holidays or peak season. crazy.. the traffic up there was so heavy. took me 1 and a half hour from brinchang to tanah rata.

seriously 2 days 1 night is not adequate for a shooting trip. at least have to spend 3 days 2 night up there since we spend around 3 hours at a place for shooting. still have lots of places which tak sempat to explore. we went cactus valley, sg palas tea plantation, EQ strawberry farm, market…

had to cancel the plan to gunung brinchang for sunrise due to the clutch disc of the car was burnt and my legs were fatigue, spasm and tremor, cannot control the clutch well.. don’t want to take the risk to drive there. sigh..

luckily the car was ok after cold it down.