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sketch 2




am too bored and so start sketching again.. but not on the paper. with my pda this time. suddenly love my pda so much except the its camera.

helpaiya.. forgot to put my signature there.. LOL


‘how well do you know me?’ anyone? i tried to create my own quiz on that just now..

and then halfway, i myself get stuck in my own question ‘what is the best word to describe me?’

cool? stubborn? blue? lonely? simple? complicated? weird? perfectionist? lazy? lost? loyal? friendly? caring?…….????

cannot think of the right word to use. only have 2 possibilities for this: i don’t know myself well or my vocab is poor. i think both also contribute to this.. lol 

everyone undergoes changes, no matter physically or mentally. the metabolism carry on and ya~ i grow older. mentally and personality? i have changed and i am still keep on changing. to better or worse? am still wondering. or should i say did i really have changed? or it is just superficially and temporary?

am i just pretending? pretend to be good? pretend to be doesn’t care and doesn’t matter with most of the things? pretend to be simple? pretend to be cool? 

i have no idea.. am still trying to figure it out..

anyway, i am still me. i am still who i am. anyone who cannot accept me, just ignore me.


anyone notice any different with the header image? except the wordings..

not you, buddy.. i have already told you the answer.

haih.. forget about it.. even my buddy pun tak perasan, what a big failure of my product…


seriously… i need to sleep…















my mum vs computer game


car racing

hehe… my mum’s first time. 

anyway, she can drive better with the real car.. :p

new theme!

ok guys.. i am bored. and so i change a new theme again.

nothing special with this theme. i chose it is just to suit the header image. can’t help. i just can’t stop myself from viewing the photos i have taken in australia. i uploaded the pictures. i changed my desktop background. i changed the header image of my blog.. hmm.. what else..

well, you can interpret this header image in many ways. it can be just a photo which i try to play with the close up/macro. or, you can view it in a more ‘tersirat’ way, it just similar to any other path we have to take in our lives. you will never see the ending of the road, you will never know what is waiting for you at the end of the road, and you will never see your future. you can predict it, but it always blur… may be the one which you see in front of you is not beautiful and full of cracks, but this is the one which makes the picture beautiful, at least at that moment. may be, a disaster is waiting front there. may be the disaster will ruin everything. who knows… and after that, people will try to build it with different material, they will use concrete and may be they will try to build it in a different way to make it stronger. and yeah, they make it. anyway, they won’t realise that they have ruined the original feeling of that picture..

the moral of the story is.. i am too bored, i start crapping, and i have gone too far from that picture.

ok. back to the picture. i just can’t stop myself from loving it. LOL…