Monthly Archives: November 2010

craving for photo shooting

seriously, am craving for photo shooting. I AM CRAVING FOR PHOTO SHOOTING…

it has been a long time i didn’t have a proper photo shooting session out there. has been busy busy busy all this while and even busier in OnG. probably this makes me craving for it even more, probably i need something to de-stress, probably i need some times to back to the original me and do the things i like.. but not saying that i don’t like OnG.

here goes the plan, joeann and me are going Cameron Highlands for a 2 days 1 night photo shooting trip at the end of this posting. have been rejected by 3 ppl since it is during christmas and all have programs masing2. but both of us still on. here goes 2 photographers, with no model. lol. probably will just end up with the photographers and the plants.

lets see…