Monthly Archives: October 2010


sigh.. after so long, i thought i already immune to this kind of life, leaving home, staying in the hostel, traveling south and north… but this time, just don’t feel like going back to teluk intan after coming back home. just tired of everything.. tired of standing, tired of walking, tired with the pain, tired of taking pain killer everyday for the past 1 week, tired with the pain killer which showed no effect at all, tired of playing with the kids, tired of showing the enthusiasm even already not in the mood, tired of thinking what to eat for every meal, tired of being ‘don’t worry, be happy’, am not that happy after all and am worrying… but it is no way i can escape from this by staying at home. i know.. i really know… arghh..

counting down the days.. do i still in denial? i don’t have so much time left actually, and i actually had started to forget the things/knowledge which i thought i still remember, while at the same time, new things doesn’t seem like absorb so well.

damn, what the f*ck i still doing here.. waiting for the Gunner to shoot at me on next monday?