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hong kong 2011

i don’t talk much. i snap.

try to capture life, see life at a different angle and learn how to live my life..

you will find that most of the time, there’s only picutres and without the description. well, that’s me. i am not good in writing and i am definitely not good in describing. and i do believe that a picture tells a thousand words. everyone has a different point of view on the same thing, so there’s no need to restrict yourself when seeing things.

well, and this is how i see hong kong..


Cameron Highlands 2010

went to Cameron Highlands as planned. but if you guys want to go Cameron Highlands, please don’t go during the public holidays or peak season. crazy.. the traffic up there was so heavy. took me 1 and a half hour from brinchang to tanah rata.

seriously 2 days 1 night is not adequate for a shooting trip. at least have to spend 3 days 2 night up there since we spend around 3 hours at a place for shooting. still have lots of places which tak sempat to explore. we went cactus valley, sg palas tea plantation, EQ strawberry farm, market…

had to cancel the plan to gunung brinchang for sunrise due to the clutch disc of the car was burnt and my legs were fatigue, spasm and tremor, cannot control the clutch well.. don’t want to take the risk to drive there. sigh..

luckily the car was ok after cold it down.



ya.. right.. i went to langkawi again, for the 4th time. lol

but the weather this time was ehem… very cloudy.. and rainy for most of the time. we have to wait for the sunset under the rain (probably i should rephrase, pity those who had to wait for me under the rain because i wanted to take the photos, paiseh la).

initially thought of wanna talk more on the trip, but i guess a picture tells a thousand words..

got to have the photo of this eagle to prove that this is Langkawi. lol

for more photos, please refer to my facebook’s album, tak larat to upload dah. :p


the underground project:

the underground project: surprise birthday party for Prof Shahrir

planning: started when prof was away for the ppd camp 1. get the details of his schedule of the day, what’s his favourite cake… from his wife. :p. did announcement to the coursemates from different postings orally (have to avoid facebook)

on the historical day:

parked the cars far away from prof’s house.. ^^

went into prof’s house when he went out to fetch her daughter from tuition. guys at upstairs while girls sorok kat dapur.


don’t play play, prof can play violin de ^^

welcome to arsenal..

status: mission accomplished  🙂

for more photos, please my facebook photo album

for details of the surprise, please refer to fadhli‘s blog. 🙂

bukit bintang

went to bukit bintang today, alone. biasalah tu. if ajak lots of people go with me, not good to ask them to wait for me because once i take my camera out, it’s not gonna be just a few minutes session. i had spent nearly 2 hours taking photos at the junction between Jalan Bukit Bintang and Jalan Sultan Ismail. gila betul.. and the most important thing is, dunno who to ajak pun since most of the people already back to hometown, caryn still at brunei, jing fen went to indonesia, zhiyi kat mid valley..

went to low yat plaza to finish another part of the underground project. then zanmai sushi.. yum yum.. unagi.. unagi.. unagi.. (sorry, no photo for the sushi, too hungry d, and dahlah weird makan alone, siap tangkap gambar lagi weird.. lol)

the moral of the story is, don’t over-stress. because, once the stressor is being removed, you will be uncontrollably acting crazily, just like a spring. lol

KL night view (again)

first try of kl night view on HDR

zoom blur effect (again) :p

no fear

trying to remind myself.

no fear.

this guy wont’t hurt me again and again.

easy to say but hard to apply. haiz.

OSIM syndrome? monday blue? i think it’s gonna be 2 weeks blue.

before going to teluk intan, can’t wait to go there (so that can temporarily escape from here/him).

when in teluk intan, can’t wait to come back KL. (i would be die of the life without internet and staying together with the tukang sedut).

and now when back in KL, i feel like going back to teluk intan again. T.T

keep telling myself, i can’t hide and escape forever from him.

but… sigh..

yeah.. i know i work best under stress, no action no life, huh. but definitely not over-stress.

another good thing when i under stress is, there will also be flight of idea in photography.

this is what i did in the middle of the night: (writing the words with pen torch and photograph it)

yeah.. am going crazy soon..





next time have to try on the town road. better effect kut. but a bit difficult since am the one who always drive.