quote of the day

the quote of the day is ‘medical student –> fail until proven otherwise’

if you really learnt medicine through the hard way last time, don’t make us learn it through the hard way as well la. or else it will be a endless vicious circle. please don’t spoil the impression of internal medicine in my heart and don’t scare me, i am a physician wanna be. i just don’t understand why, the staffs in HKL are so nice compared to HUKM. doesn’t mean that all the staffs in HUKM are not nice, just certain people. is there any problem with the system here?

at there,

we dare to ask any question, no matter how stupid izit (since the stupidest question is the question not being asked)

we dare to answer any question, no matter how stupid the answer izit (since the  environment is encouraging, and the best laugh is to laugh at your own stupidity and from there, you learn, they teach us the proper way to think)

at here (not all, just under certain condition/people)

get scold for not asking question which show that you are not enthusiastic enough. get scold for asking stupid question. the answer  you get after asking the question is ‘no more spoon feeding, go back and find out yourself’. i know no more spoon feeding, i know it’s self directed learning nowadays, but we need guidance.

when answering question, no more try and error, and has to be exams oriented, no answer/differential diagnosis  like what you see the walk in real patient in kk, cause AGE won’t come out as the short case during exams. yeah.. probably the person is right in this and we shouldn’t waste our time in going to the wrong way. and the best answer to give when you don’t know is ‘i don’t know’ so it won’t waste everyone’s time. have to be fast in thinking, so if the brain takes too long to retrieve and analyse the data, you better say you don’t know. why have to get scold before getting any input? why cannot learn under pressure-free and non life threatening condition?

and lastly, no offence and no hard feeling k. ‘saya bukan marah, i am just justifying’ (quote from someone, pinjam copyright jap)

and i apologize if am saying something wrong or irritating under this condition of fever and tak betul ni. please don’t fail my continuous assessment. i know how bad am i and i know how bad is our group. so guys, have to tahan and study hard tau. sakit pun kena study hard tau.

hmm, probably it’s my own problem. i am not kiasu enough so am not keen and aggressive enough in learning. so sometimes it is good to be a kiasu people. you will learn more and kena marah less.


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  1. gynaecomastia..hahaha

  2. lol.. gynaecomastia.. i tak mention kat sini ya.. hahaha…

  3. Heh, nice insight…. God bless our group this friday !!!!

  4. haha…i think i know what is going on….it muz b d infamous Dr. N

    • it’s not all about him la, its the features combining from different different people. may be i have been too judgemental at the beginning, he is actually good.

  5. ya,,he is good…he teach a lot..and ask uncommon question but very important question…

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