life and death

as a 3rd poster of the housemanship, may be am not qualified enough to talk about this topic here. and you may feel that am over  exaggerate the things here. you may think that i lost of PPD skills.. and yes i can tell you that am losing my patience towards certain people who definitely not my patients. and i am just trained to be a doctor, not a writer nor reporter, i won’t just tell you the sweet things you wanna hear here.

dear people out there, you are putting the patients life in danger,

– if you are the parents who think that being a doctor is such a glamour job, and force or mislead your kids who don’t have interest at all to be a doctor

– if you yourself as a doctor who has no sense of responsibility at all, cannot handle stress

– if you choose to become a doctor just because you have good results and dunno whats your interest (seriously i don’t mind if you quit after you found your interest)

keep on building up and opening medical courses and institution, mass production of the doctors (either local or oversea).. yeah.. you have quantity and doctor to patient ratio which ‘looks’ good, but how about the quality? are they properly trained? frankly speaking, the quality is just getting worse and worse when compared to our medical officers and specialists’ time. and imagine, when those not welly trained people finally become the medical officer who is going to treat your kids or even yourself in the future.. well, you may think that those people won’t be able to pass their housemanship and become the medical officer if they are not qualified. but in reality, there are people who are just hopeless enough until the department don’t wanna extend he/she more in that specific department.

did the people ever feel guilty when their colleague who also have been working since morning and have to stay back to finish the pleural tapping for them till late night and wanna teach them the pleural tapping while they’re still tagging but on the other hand they said they’re tired and wanna go back first?

did the people ever feel bad when passed over the branulla for a dengue patient by just putting the branulla together with the sticker and swab in the kidney dish on that particular patient’s table by just telling their colleague, later have to repeat the FBC at 6pm?

did the people ever feel irresponsible when carry forward the important stuffs like CT appt, chest referral, x-ray reporting… till the next day to their colleagues?

did the people ever feel that it’s a sin when they didn’t review the blood investigation taken and partly cause the death of a young patient? and of course, you can blame it’s the disease progression.. the patient is going to die soon anyway.

at the end, whose fault is that? the doctor themselve? the shift system? the politics? the medical school? the parents?


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  1. i faced the same condition too when i was in medical posting. passed over a case of elderly lady with CKD having concurrent hyperkalemia post lytic cocktail. reminded him over and over again to repeat RP 4 hourly so that patient can be dialysed if hyperkalemia persistent. ended up, i saw that bed empty the next morning when i came to work. upon checking back, the repeat RP wasn’t reviewed! yet, that useless fella is still passing on to other posting as if nothing happened. coz this asshole is good at flattering. sigh!

  2. in my current posting, there’s such a person. the boss already feel lazy to extend him.. and He’s currently 5th poster after 3 yrs.. imagine, he’s gonna become a MO. I did try to ask him regarding where he plan to go.. He planned to go KK Klang after this, quoted from him “scanned some mothers, see some normal pt”. I must say GOOD LUCK to Klang ppl…

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