Monthly Archives: January 2011

medical mystery

someone told me that i am medical mystery. somehow, i have to agree on that. i also can’t figure out why there are so many things happen on me (trust me, you won’t wanna spend time to know my problem list, and its gonna be a long case which you can’t finish it within 45 minutes) and i can’t relate them into one etiology. may be too much of sin? probably yes..

and it never ends there and more to be coming out, like the unexplained dizziness since a week ago, tot it was

refractive error? but seems not corrected with specs.

anemia? i don’t look pale. but still probably will go to do a full blood count since it’s FREEEEE :p.

something wrong with cerebellar? but i don’t have cerebellar signs.

ear? takde vertigo la and no hearing problem.

damn the dizziness, damn the hypoxic feeling, damn the nausea.. argghh..worse if plus the motion sickness when get a lousy bus driver (have to go kk) and yet still i like to cari pasal, prefer to read the softcopy than hardcopy of cpg and books. just imagine.. the dizziness attacks everytime scroll down the page.

on the other HAND, dunno what the heck is going on with the ulnar nerve. have to splint the elbow to keep it from bending while sleeping, or else will be awake by the numbness and tingling sensation. damnit.

so what’s now? thoracic outlet syndrome? with cervical vertigo? cubital tunnel syndrome? who cares? ya.. who really care… conservative management saje mah. i can manage myself la.. :p

and it’s actually quite hard to keep things from parents. but still have to keep it from them (so can’t teach my mother about facebook :p)

so many things happened recently. housemate kena buang kolej, and another 3 of us have to pay rm70 each and it’s not really our fault. trying to help.. but someone told me biarkan je la, i cant do much, i shouldn’t get myself involved that much and that’s not the proper way to help.. what else can i do? sigh… just let it be?

tonnes and tonnes of things to be done.. but still no mood for that. no mood for my 2nd underground project, no mood for shopping (for baju raya) and worst, no mood for chinese new year. it starts to appear to be ‘just another day’ of my life, nothing to be so special about.. which is a bad sign..i suppose.

bad sign..