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post paeds osce

this is what we did everytime after the osce or exams –> karaoke + shopping. wohohohoho.. i have done with my shopping for the chinese new year clothes, so this time, i shop for my formal shoes and the cap which dah koyak. i have no idea how i koyakkan my camel shoes yang tak sampai setahun, too much of walking? lol.. but it’s ok for the cap to koyak after wearing it for around 9 years..9 years!! (finally got alasan for me to change a new 1, NIKE here i come.. wahahahahaha..)

try crocs this time, since camel dah koyak.. lol.. and the speedo shirt tu is all spinal cord reflex when buying it since it is just rm19.60 after discount.. ok, this is what we called ‘XX’, there will be ‘some’ spinal cord reflex and a lot of rationalization when shopping.. haha..

after sg wang, next is pavilion..

while i tengah syok sendiri taking photos..

the others also tengah syok sendiri..

then continue shopping.. and sometimes, girls are devils, they will take lots of clothes and ask people to try on it.. hehe..

see how i took the photos?? suddenly, am so proud with my skill.. kakakaka.. dah kembang..

shirt with the words ‘prawn star’. but someone heard it as ‘PORN’ star. wahahahahahaha.. TBH habislah kau.. :p

caryn and doraemon 🙂

then, my favourite ichiban boshi and unagi sandwich..

then, continue shopping, shopping, shopping until i tak larat to walk.. damn Tarlov shit (how to go traveling with this shit?? i wanna go cambodia.. T.T)

before going back, not forget to take some pics around pavilion.

outing again..

went out again…

went shopping and movie alone again..

this is the 3rd time i think

n i break my record, i only opened my mouth 7 times to talk

n i knw the way to mid valley already

there was so many ppl tat i hv to q up for half n hr for my movie ticket. twilight..hmmm…still ok la..i think the novel will be nicer..or jz may be my mood was not good for a movie i think. the malay couple who sat beside me in the cinema was so irritated, esp the guy. i hv no idea what is the point for them to be in the cinema. ‘touching’ each other so ‘often’, laughing for no reason n totally not appreciate the movie. n the most terrible thing was tat guy’s right leg. i not sure whether he got tremor, fasciculation or some other involuntary movement of the leg, he din ever stop shaking his leg for 2 hrs and 8 mins. i wish i hv any neurotransmitter blocker or neuromuscular junction blocker with me. or just ask edward to bite on his leg. damn it.

shopping?? the fashion n stock this season was so not me..can hardly get clothes for myself, just manage to get 2 formal shirts. the so called ‘colourful’ shirt just make me headache.

n recently duno wat happen to my neck, shoulder n clavicle tat area. sudden onset of dull ache, get worse with my sling bag today. cant continue shopping, hv to stop half way. damn..damn..damn…

jz had a burger for the whole day..surprisingly m not hungry yet at this time and hv no idea wat to eat..

who am i

today should be a happy day

went shopping again at mid valley today..bought a lot of things n seriously i m broke….

bought a sweater from zara



CDs again(kenny G and clapton chronicles) and a crazy sign for my car. n i am crazy, standing alone at the rock corner, almost finished half of the clapton chronicles’s album there.

then watched a movie-painted skin…quite nice n i cried again in the cinema…my threshold dropped ad la


why it turns out like this.. 35mins before the day ends

why u suddenly dig the problem out?? afterall it is not ur fault, i yang mentioned the problem to u dulu this afternoon..

not dare to tell n duno how to tell..

u asked me what had happened…i also wish to know what had happened..totally hv no idea..

trying to persuade myself not to think that works for most of the time but not all the time

can’t help..

can someone tell me who am i actually???