Monthly Archives: February 2011

Truth of Touch

how long still i have to wait for it to be available in Malaysia’s store? sigh.. 😦

why la i’m not allowed to purchase it online? siiigggggghhhhhhhh…


ang pao

found this in my white coat pocket, which ad kept in my pocket for the past 1 week.

got this from the po po of my family case study. i know i shouldn’t accept but she and her husband insist. brought them limau but they don’t want.

they gave me a call when the po po came for ophthalmo appointment, never expect the ang pao from them, never expect the po po sayang me a lot, never expect her 2 little grandchildren miss me a lot and ask when i will be visiting them again, never expect they will invite me to their party at home which i cant go, have to on call..

mixed feeling. i was happy and touched but at the same time i felt not worth the po po treated me so nice, as am not that good n nice as they think. and felt guilty as well, i went to their house at the 1st place was because the it is one of the requirements of the assignment.

anyway, i will not use the money in this ang pao and will always keep it with me. to remind me, to keep going, to serve the people and there’s still love out there in this realistic world. 🙂