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went hiking just now. the initial plan was to meet my friend, take some photos and estimate how much can i hike before the leg pain attacks.

and now i can announce that ‘I CAN’T HIKE ANYMORE’. but still i would like to try as much as i could.

partly is due to the leg.

partly i think is due to the anemia get worse?

may be i really have to thank god that i didn’t fall into the valley just now when the dizziness suddenly attacked and all the limbs get numb, can’t even hold my cam. the last attack was like around 7 years back and i really tot am ok d.

and i really scare my friend. having no idea what to do, he suddenly think of am a medical student and i should be able to tell him what to do to safe myself. haha. luckily, it’s just last for around 15-30mins. or else i think he had to carry me down the hill and probably both of us will end up rolling down the hill. lol.

found this little thingy before my visual field fulled with black dotssss…

ssm vs photographer

finally, it ends. exhausted.

well, as usual the lucky number didn’t bring any luck to me, so do my narcissism and OCD didn’t make anything better.

ok. back to the story as the photographer for ssm.

there’re lots of fun of course but yet still get irritated by few things.

FIRST, if you are not the official photographer please don’t block my way. you only syok sendiri wanna upload the photos to facebook and i got to work. i know you wanna share the moment but please let me finished my job first. and i just wondering whether you have impacted ear wax that cause the conductive hearing lost until can’t hear am saying ‘excuse me  x n times’. please la.. it’s already very crowded there with all the judges and the group members. i know you have your olympus, please go and take your candid pictures else where la. or can you give me the priority to take the picture first?? sometimes, i can’t even capture the moment even already zooooooooooooooomed from the lobang2.

SECOND, can the damn right leg stop tremor when i need you to work??? just… damn it.. do i need to start counting down, how many steps more can i walk… arghh….

pre scientific meeting

make sure your presentation doesn’t exceed 8 mins.. or else..

‘ting..’ the mic and the slides will be off whereas the poster.. will dikoyakkan?? lol

my group with our co-supervisors.. nice kan our poster.. muahahahaha.. (narcissism attack)

thANk you

first, THANKS to those who put in so much effort in arranging this NINE HOURS back to back lectures in this beautiful saturday.

THANKS to the nice chairs we have in our auditorium (suddenly missed the bench we had in dk1 KCKL, at least i can lie down.. lol)

then, THANKS to the gravity for causing more and more CSF to be trapped in the Tarlov shit.

and THANKS to the Tarlov Shit for giving more pressure and compressing on my nerve.

THANKS to the nerve for functioning so well and efficient in transmitting the impulse, telling me that ‘yeah.. am in pain and numb’ and most importantly wake me up for most of the lectures.

should not forget to THANK the lecturer who putting in so much effort in doing the slides which consist of 70-80words in a slide (5-7words/row  x~13 rows) [doesn’t mean that i wanna be so sarcastic, this is the common sense, or should i say it is a knowledge in doing slides?]

oh ya… have to THANK someone for making me realise that how COOL izit by walking on the table, and from table to table in auditorium too..


well… my narcissism just get worse.. sorry.. can’t help.. lol

instead of putting only 1 of my favourite photos as the desktop background at 1 time, change it regularly and staring at it ‘once awhile’…, i have made something like this:

wohohoho.. so now, i can have more photoss as my desktop background at 1 time.. whee~~

lil buddy’s belated birthday

went to TGIF to celebrate my lil buddy’s (aka xun quan) birthday.. i think it’s gonna be a superb SURPRISE birthday he ever had. lol.. imagine.. we made him to stand on the chair and give speech, eat ketchup… lol..

we bought him a book ‘The Last Lecture’ as the birthday present (probably, you will think that we are so skema). but, we really hope that he can make full use of that book and like it as what we do. this book is DEFINITELY worth to read and buy as collection.

specimen vs human

as a future doctor and with the detective mind, may be you are curious about what diseases i have, what signs and symptoms i have..

as a friend of mine, may be you are concern about me..

as a medical student and as a patient, i try my best to be cooperative whenever people clerking me..

as a friend, i don’t mind sharing and talk about it if you don’t get bored of listening i complain about it..

as a coursemate, i don’t mind sharing the knowledge and discuss about the diseases i have..

as a student, may be you are still learning about the communication skills and ppd..

BUT sorry i have to say that ‘i bet you don’t know.. YOU ARE CHALLENGING MY LIMIT’

as a final year medical student, you have been learning ppd and communication skills for the past 4 years. 4 YEARS. yaa.. you may be good in writing the reflective writing, you can memorize all the theories and answer well during the exams, you are good in SHOWING your EMPATHY DURING THE EXAMS.. but did you actually apply it in real?? if you actually did, sorry.. i can’t feel it. if those words is truly out of concern, sorry.. i can’t feel it either. (the only explanation i can think of to make myself feel better is, you are not good in expressing yourself and i misinterpret it)

hello????? i am a HUMAN ok.. am. not. your. specimen.

others please don’t perasan.. this only directed to a person. but i bet that person won’t realise i am talking about him/her. with the ego that person has, he/she won’t admit about it. or else, the friends around tat person won’t be lesser and lesser. may be you feel that i should confront that person but let me release my anger here, cool down and make up my mind first.. or else.. i don’t know what will i do to that person.. but, don’t worry, i won’t kill..



oh no.. oh no.. i have Campbell De Morgan spots (cherry angiomas) !! it’s a sign of AGING!!

it is typically present in the third or fourth decades of life, and am now only 23++. oh no, my skin is older than my age and there’s no way to prevent it. it is increasing with age, means am going to have more and more of this spots.. T.T  talamau ah…

imagine.. by the time i am 30-40 years old, and my skin is like 50-60 years old mak cik’s skin.. oh no..

tak mau ah….

seriously, anyone knows the way to slow it down?? since it cannot be prevented.