Monthly Archives: April 2011


(yeah, i know.. i already posted this picture to facebook before, but i still tengah syok sendiri seeing this photo. actually this nametag was given by my neighbour :p)

finally, huh.. after 5 years… nvm i still look young :p

i think i had kept the feeling to write this post for too long, have no idea what to write now. haih.. have been sleeping and playing iPhone too much. and am planning for hk trip now (multitasking huh, biasalah tu) :p

but one thing for sure, i’m going to miss my medical school life very very much.

i hate it before. i lost the direction before. but this is where i found myself and the passion as well. hope the oohhmmmmmmm able to continue..


found this 2 photos from my phone, suddenly missed those hard time during study week pulak..

(hmmmm, i thought we were studying that time, dunno how ended up with this)

(typical of jw when studying.. :p)