wahahaha…mc dull was kidnapped by lulu and wuwu…

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Posted on July 31, 2008, in syOok, w3ird. Bookmark the permalink. 5 Comments.

  1. yer… you not very busy de meh… still got time to SM my mcdull… mou liong sum ar lei… so chin kak… mou yam kung lor…

  2. miss…….mc dull, lulu, wuwu…..
    when the turle given name wuwu?

  3. what is sm?
    i think i might kidnap mcdull some other time lah,since so available here in c2202 and c2203

  4. aiya…very sien vf the work ad mah…so mah SM ur mcdull awhile lo…don worry..he stil mou qun mou lan..i m very si wen de…

    to mimi, about the turtle’s name…u hv to ask nyrac’s mother lo…hehe..

  5. to anonymous,
    hehe…i think u wil b kidnapped if u enter c2203..n i don think got any other mcdull there except the one who is staying inside la…haha..

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