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my secondary school band is going to hold a concert on this friday to raise fund. still in dilemma. should i go?? (i got a free ticket from my junior).

the person who know me will know that previously i was a band member for 8 years, and even now i am still the fan of band.. bla bla bla..

but somehow, i keep telling myself that.. this is not your era anymore, why should you care so much and don’t think people will appreciate you.

what left behind are those good memories, which already spoilt by our guru penasihat, Mr Lau. really have to thank him and the principle incharged at that time, Mr. Lim. he and the principle were those who exposed us to the dark side of school politics in those young age and ‘trained’ us how to protect ourselves from them, but still.. useless and hopeless. all about politics, giler kuasa and pangkat.. he kicked our beloved coach out of the band, used the money from our account without telling us before hand, tried to recruit the students who were close to him and support him into the band, made some tricks and lied to the lower form members so that they have conflicts and don’t trust their seniors anymore (but am so happy and proud with my juniors that he FAIL), screwed us even we managed to get the 3rd prize in the state marching band competition (in the condition of training without coach)… and now he screwed everything again. he replaced another nice coach with someone he ‘knows’ (his friend kut if not mistaken) who dunno how to teach formation.. (may be he is made of lilin and will melt under the sun)

the saddest thing i heard recently was,  the batch of members who just graduated said that they are not going back to the chio min band anymore, they are not going back to visit the juniors and not going to attend anything organized by the band. see.. Mr Lau! please open your eyes and see what have you done!  you have ruined the tradition and the spirit. and now you are trying to ruin our old history and replace with your own one.

arghhh.. god..

may be.. may be i shouldn’t go back.. the current band is not the band i knw of anymore.


happy chinese new year


woohoo.. my new look and new shirt..

(it is so HOT in Kulim, wonder why i still can wear this looooooooong sleeves shirt for the whole day -_-lll)


sigh.. am really getting older and older.. went to salon to have my hair cut and straighten it sempena the chinese new year. (photos will be uploaded later since i find my hairstyle always looks nicer after a sleep. ^^). ok back to the story. i met someone in the salon, she is allan’s new student, my secondary school junior, my school band junior, BUT WHO IS SHE? WHAT’S HER NAME? Ivy? Pei Wen? oh damn.. i really can’t remember. i even can’t remember what musical instrument she used last time. trumpet?? damn.. am really old enough to have amnesia.. she only looks familiar to me.

The girl: are you jia hui?
Me : yup.
The girl: are you going to visit teacher during the holidays?
Me : errr.. which teacher huh?
The girl: the coach (the ex-band coach, my primary school teacher).
Me : ooo.. i memang will visit her every chinese new year de but haven’t decide the date.
… bla bla bla…

after chatting for so long, i still can’t remember who is she.. damn.. and yet so paiseh and embarrass to ask for her name. aiks.. (may be am too famous last time, people recognize me but i can’t recognize all of them..hehe.. ish.. ish.. muka tembok).

well.. i have to admit that i am not good in remembering people’s name and wordsssssss… may be you won’t believe this since am studying medicine and have to remember lots of new termssssss. i can remember the melody well but i can’t remember the words/pronunciation without visualization of the alphabets, probably too much of music and band last time and too much of photography nowadays. haiz… how to stimulate the brain to be more sensitive towards words and phrases?? so that i can speed up the reading and no need to double the hard work?? arrgh.. can i have a scanner in my brain? can i have a memory card reader in my brain?? especially when people get older, the brain also ikut atrophy…

post paeds osce

this is what we did everytime after the osce or exams –> karaoke + shopping. wohohohoho.. i have done with my shopping for the chinese new year clothes, so this time, i shop for my formal shoes and the cap which dah koyak. i have no idea how i koyakkan my camel shoes yang tak sampai setahun, too much of walking? lol.. but it’s ok for the cap to koyak after wearing it for around 9 years..9 years!! (finally got alasan for me to change a new 1, NIKE here i come.. wahahahahaha..)

try crocs this time, since camel dah koyak.. lol.. and the speedo shirt tu is all spinal cord reflex when buying it since it is just rm19.60 after discount.. ok, this is what we called ‘XX’, there will be ‘some’ spinal cord reflex and a lot of rationalization when shopping.. haha..

after sg wang, next is pavilion..

while i tengah syok sendiri taking photos..

the others also tengah syok sendiri..

then continue shopping.. and sometimes, girls are devils, they will take lots of clothes and ask people to try on it.. hehe..

see how i took the photos?? suddenly, am so proud with my skill.. kakakaka.. dah kembang..

shirt with the words ‘prawn star’. but someone heard it as ‘PORN’ star. wahahahahahaha.. TBH habislah kau.. :p

caryn and doraemon 🙂

then, my favourite ichiban boshi and unagi sandwich..

then, continue shopping, shopping, shopping until i tak larat to walk.. damn Tarlov shit (how to go traveling with this shit?? i wanna go cambodia.. T.T)

before going back, not forget to take some pics around pavilion.

a warm sms


‘feeling that had lost contact with you for a long time, still very busy recently?! having long break for the Chinese New Year?’

a warm and short sms from my primary school teacher + ex-band coach. miss her soooooooooooo much..