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regresa a mi

No me abandones así
hablando sólo de ti.
Ven y devuelveme al fin
la sonrisa que se fue.
Una vez más tocar tu piel
el hondo suspirar.
Recuperemos lo que se ha perdido.

Regresa a mí,
quéreme otra vez,
borra el dolor
que al irte me dio
cuando te separaste de mí.
Dime que sí
Yo no quiero llorar,
regresa a mí.

Extraño el amor que se fue,
extraño la dicha también.
Quiero que vengas a mí
y me vuelvas a querer.
No puedo más si tú no estás,
tienes que llegar.
Mi vida se apaga sin ti a mi lado.


No me abandonas así,
hablando sólo de ti.
Devuelveme la pasión de tus brazos.



keep repeating this song since i woke up this morning. for those who know the reason, congrats. for those who don’t know, am not going to explain it not in the mood. may be next time.. or may be you won’t be able to understand that feeling even after i explaining it, because you don’t have that memories for you to appreciate it.

have no idea how to describe this feeling. it came back again last night after 6 years. this is the second time i experience it. the first was 6 years ago during secondary school when the coach did almost the same thing to us. life still goes on.

although the current situation is not definite yet. but for whatever it may be, life still goes on…it still have to be carried on.


why everyone is leaving??






有时还真的会有心里不平衡的时候。是不是进大学之前的路走得太顺利、没有什么波折、是不是进大学之前都不爱读书、没什么读书,所以老天爷就现在来玩报复(好听点说是考验啦)。搞到现在每天都要读书,就连放假手没有握着书都会不舒服(i mean小说)。现在就算每天读书,成绩还是一般。上天不是公平的吗?为什么进了大学后的事往往都不能跟所付出的成正比??为什么有些人往往就可以那么好运???应该是前世修来的福吧,哈哈。erm…或许应该说这里充满着太多太聪明的人了,而我混了那么多年的小聪明在这里终于不管用了。




good luck and all the best to me and everyone

gambatte neh~~




this is exactly what happens in my room, esp during study week…

but i still have clothes to u can imagine how many clothes i have right…hehe…:p


is it something congenital??

whatever it will be~~ not in the mood to find out the causes anymore.


after all, i can live without propanolol already…symptoms resolving…



this is definitely something nice for brunch when such a lazy people like me to step out from the house..




study week

ok..this is what will happen to me for most of the time during study week…






sometimes, the situation is bad if you remain silent.

sometimes, the situation becomes worse when you try to safe it.

and sometimes, it just makes you in dilemma.



sometimes, stress and hormone imbalance drive people crazy

sometimes, PPD is useless (which means that it only will be applied when socialize with the people who is not close to you)

and sometimes, there are people who feel that they are the bosses, superiorly high above others.


may be i should remain silent

or may be i should just be alone tonight