oh no.. oh no.. i have Campbell De Morgan spots (cherry angiomas) !! it’s a sign of AGING!!

it is typically present in the third or fourth decades of life, and am now only 23++. oh no, my skin is older than my age and there’s no way to prevent it. it is increasing with age, means am going to have more and more of this spots.. T.T  talamau ah…

imagine.. by the time i am 30-40 years old, and my skin is like 50-60 years old mak cik’s skin.. oh no..

tak mau ah….

seriously, anyone knows the way to slow it down?? since it cannot be prevented.


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Posted on May 5, 2010, in medic life. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. SK-II =)

  2. sure it’s de Morgan spot bo? or just a new mole. dont scare yourself la.

    • buddy, 100% sure. unless the dermatologist i see for my urticarial vasculitis wrongly diagnosed. :p

      nelson, oh ya.. forgot to tell you. i think SK-II will make it worse cause it is most noticeable in pale-skinned individuals.

  3. me also suspecting my skin is aged leh… got many many spots… can help me see see later ah? =p

  4. which part of ur body hv d spot? wanna cc

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