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cambodia trip

this cambodia trip was a little bit different from my other previous trips. if you can’t walk a lot, can’t climb the very very steep and high staircase, cannot tolerate the super HOT weather, wanna shop a lot, cannot appreciate the art work, don’t like photography… please dont go cambodia, you will die. don’t expect too much from them, from the people and also the country. the country is still under developed. sometimes… we should appreciate what we have and be thankful that we are malaysian, we have a proper house to live in, even though it is not big, we can go to school, we have food… see, howz their lives.. how people suffering over there.. some of them live in the boats.. (the only good thing is, they have less stress than us).. ok.. i know the statements above sound weird coming out from my mouth.. :p (kononnye dah insaf)

but cambodia is definitely a heaven for a photographer.

for more photos, please refer my facebook albums.. 🙂


mengkuang dam

went mengkuang dam with andy and his photography kaki. tried on my new toy (circular polarizing filter), it was so cool in enhancing the saturation and contrast. hmm.. my next toy will be the macro filter or close up filter (what to do, no money to buy the macro lens).

reached there at around 1.30pm. it is damn HOT man, even with the cap and sun block. we started shooting when all the kaki sampai. i was told that it’s going to be a portrait shooting session.. hmmm… but no model, all are photographers.. lol. so, we ended up with shooting landscape, insects… then suddenly, it RAINS. yeah.. raining is good but not now, man. all are wet, even with the umbrella, the cap, shirt, pants, bag and shoes. my nike was banjir and i have no idea what to wear to cambodia if my sport shoes cannot dry by the following monday. but we were still trying to take the photos of the steam in the rain, of course with the umbrella.

following are some of my favourite shots..

traditional medicine

why ppd only teach us how to deal with the patients who take traditional medicine?? but NOT teach us what to do when we ourselves are being forced by our family members to take traditional medicine, whether directly or indirectly, consciously or subconsciously.

and base on their concept of application of the traditional medicine, it is ‘toxic against toxic’, which means i am eating toxic almost everyday! oh man..

seriously, that tarlov cyst is a kind of malformation, i would say.. and it is not a TUMOR or a GROWTH, so it is nothing to do with the words malignant or benign. ello.. how many times i have to explain?? and sometimes, i really feel that, when it comes to traditional medicine, education level plays no role in it. the one who is well educated is the one who recommend my mum to cook this herbs and that herbs for me (may be thats why my mum listen to them, cz they are well educated). ello… you are not the sen sei and you got the thing wrong at the first place, this. is. not. a. TUMOR. so which means, i have been eating the wrong medicine so far. arghhh..

and my mum has lots of menu even only with gingko – gingko tong shui, gingko soup, blended gingko… and when i found out some herbs in the dessert and food, she will change another menu. sigh..

i know everyone is worried and concern bout me.. but seriously this is not the way, please… please… please…

fav quote during primary school

this week is the exam week for the primary and secondary school. doing nothing at home, my job now is halau my cousins away from the tv and go study.

then one day, my mum asked me whether i still remember whats my favourite quote last time during primary school when she asked me to study.

well.. hehe.. of course i remember  –> ‘ala.. no need to study 1 since i dunno what are the questions will be asked tomorrow’.. (feeling like wanna slap me?? hehe).. okok, that was me last time (see, i memang so chuan4 since primary school). but no more behave like that after a fall during secondary school. now lagi not dare to say like that, balasanlah tu. hehe..

another favourite quote of mine when my dad scold me for doing homework or reading in front of the television was, ‘i am using my eyes to read and ears to listen to the tv –> multitasking’ :p then lama-kelamaan, my dad pun dah accept this fact. lol.

hmmm… i wonder why none of my cousins use my trick when i ask them to study.. hehe..