Monthly Archives: July 2009



obviously, i am currently in ophthalmology posting..

obviously, i like it more than ENT..

and i like my current supervisor dr ‘oo’ more than the ‘ling ling ling’..



sigh.. this is the first blog during my ENT posting. perhaps i shouldn’t be here writing my blog, still have lots of things to read and CWU arrrr… just started my cwu tonight. this is the last week for ent posting and now only i started doing my cwu. i still have around 5 days left to finish it up. should be enough time kut. sigh.. some said that young people should not sigh.. but still..


if the world health day is during my psychiatry posting and not during ent,

if am only the AJK but not the EXCO Technical for world health day programme,

if there is no pain at my lower limbs which worsen the gait,

if my supervisor will be around at the third week,

if i no need to do my clinical examination during the second day of the second week of posting,

if i no need to sign for the log book,

if there is no merit system,

if there is no kiasu people,

if i rage those people when they first entered medical school,

if those people know how to respect,

if that fella know to take initiative to wash the toilet and bathroom,

if i can have enough time to SLEEP,

if i no need to wake up so early in the morning,

if i have time to go shopping,



i won’t be so miserable over here.