Monthly Archives: September 2009

8th semester

i really have no idea that how to go through this semester. not mentally but physically where lots of standing and walking needed.

don’t read the following content if you cannot tahan with me complaining of my legs pain again and again..

today is only the second day of the posting and my legs…hmmm.. jz like an old lady. my current position is, sitting on the bed with my legs slightly flex, supported by 2 pillows and counterpain all over the knee joints.

you will never know how discomfort and suffer is it when you can’t stand for too long when there is still a lot of ward work and beds waiting for you; you can’t sit for too long when there is a lot of things to study as the hip joint will pain ; you can’t sleep with your lower limbs straight cause it hurts… then what else position can you think of to place my legs??

oh my dear legs…


may be some of you have seen the similar picture from my facebook album, don’t get confused. this is not the editted version, just that it was taken in the different mode and different white balance. i like both of them but the album was named ‘a picture a day’, so i can’t upload the similar and 2 pictures a day to that album. so i just upload it here la.. and i think its colour suit my blog well. :p


not in the mood to write more on this topic and also not good in writing and describing further..

this is the picture of the day and up to you all how to interpret it la..