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yanni again

nah~~may be everyone has tired n bored with me whenever i mention about yanni..but i still like to talk about him..cant help..

i am just fall in love with yanni’s music again after il divo for quite some times…hehe…:p

his music always make me happy…:) Looking forward for his latest album, Yanni Voices..hehe..(invest in music always make people broke, i am a good example for that-havent started to make my own money, i ad hv a list of dvds, cds, concerts and musical instruments which i m going to buy..hehe)

watching his concert dvd over and over again…esp Yanni Live! The Concert Event and i wiil be attracted by different music everytime i watch it. for current episode is ‘until the last moment’.

appreaciating your life until the last moment for whatever it turns out to be…


road rage

ya..this is me…the real me…always bad tempered when i hv the steering in my hands..considered ok ad, i jz said ‘MDP’…the words ‘fxxk u’ belum kluar lagi

sorry everyone..its ok if korang takut to tumpang my car..i don really mind..

may be i should not go out today…making more n more big big rounds today…even vf the was so so irritating n even more irritating vf the voice ‘pls slow down..pls slow down..’ n the stupid road signs in kl.. always after the junctions, then only u can c the sign boards..u really tot that my eye-sight tat good, cant c it even vf my spec..

n jz wonder y most of the topics of the chit-chatting cant temporary stay away frm is saturday..weekend!!..ya~~we r medical students, this is only what we hv right..

lesson learned today:

  1. buy a holder for my htc to be used in the car (sometimes the gps is not reliable-sometimes the instrutions given by the simulation voice were late, mayb dia terlupa kut, so hv to c the map myself, n sometimes is the ppl who try to help me vf tat yg..) or may b i should try another gps ‘i go 8’..
  2. there r many ways which can lead towards the same destination, its either u follow the long way or shortcut n sometimes, there is no u-turn for whatever u hv done. since i m the stupid 1, jadi tau ikut jln panjang aje..
  3. tau jln ke kajang n more jln back to hukm
  4. be patient all the time..or else i will bcom one of the patients in hukm..choy!! choy!! choy!!! touch wood..
  5. jgn muka tembok

m tired…tired of everything..

everything goes wrong what i said in the previous blog..bad things are coming back..

backache get worse today..n more pain: left shoulder, right knee joint, right hip joint..

tak tau siapa terkoyak my result slip..or purposely..who knows..

result~erm..still acceptable..afterall i am not a smart or a good student, should not have high expectation on that and also on myself..

document fail to b printed out

coming sui1 thing: need to reformat laptop tonight

welcome back to the sui1 things..

initially still thinking of blogging sth happy n funny, such as clerked my own buddy in the ortho clinic today, get more n expensive drugs for my low backache (erk…), finally dpt online, met abang adi in the ward..

but now..the stupid laptop spoilt everything..haiz..
once i switched on the laptop this afternoon, it was starting up as windows vista home basic instead of windows vista home premium.
restart failed.
system restore failed.
bluehh…what else can i do?? what had happened to my laptop?? it still ok this morning..

bluehh…the bad things started to come by one..
laptop..arrhh..i jz cannot bear vf it whenever there r probs vf my electronic gadgets, n no mood for everything..pekcek..
backache again..
on balik physiotherapy
tomoro mayb 1 or 2 teachings, 2 OTs..which means..prolonged standing again…

well…i forgot about the Eperisone HCL which supposedly to take at 10pm and now ad half an hr late…

everything goes wrong…





future doctor?? hehe..:-)





mamma mia

mamma mia musical drama!!!
31st dec at istana budaya!!
here i come!!!

i have my own car need to depend on others to drive me here n there..
n u!! jgn harap i will beg u anymore!! n if u perasan, i din even call u when i saw u at my aunt’s house. ya..may b tats my fault, but u are not worth for that. and i m so insist to have my own car, partly is bcz of u!!

but i haven told my mum how much is the ticket cost…
she will kill me..


this is how i bully my cousin..

jgn risau..
dia lagi berat drp i


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