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convocation 2011

after 5 years of medical school, here it comes, the long waited moment.. the convo..

mixed feeling. thought will be very excited but things always didn’t turn out smoothly when continuously received the calls and messages from the buddies saying that having assessments and presentation on friday, the hari kemesraan in ktsn. And a bit down when received call from prof last minute saying that he couldn’t make it as well. I think all of us would like to share the day with him. but yet it’s so touch when saw my buddies, Zhi Yi n Jing fen rushed here, even at last minute. will upload the photos later after i got it from kim kiat. and sorry guys, have to sacrifice u all to become the background of the pictures. haha..

 (the previous and current owner of  c2201 :p)

right.. the first sentence came out from valerie’s mouth when she saw me today was ‘huh?! rupa-rupanye you are so short’. hello?? am still 2 cm taller than you leh.. :p

ok. this current owner of c2201 who i always called adik, has actually quite a lot of similarity with me. an mirror image of me? lol. appear to be a bit senget but actually is straight. hahaha.. don’t worry. am straight.

when minimiao met kicimiao

another long waited moment, taking photo with you, Prof Shahrir, in robe. it’s so nice to have you with us for the convo. our convo is meant to be yours as well. thank you so much for all the efforts, sweats, hard work, dedication, guidance and care. a lecturer, a teacher, a physician, a father, a friend and a listener who i always kacau and his clinic always turns out to be my clinic warga for pain killers. :p really very sorry for that. sometimes i find myself quite disturbing as well. guess won’t have time to kacau you anymore..

anyway, today standing in DECTAR, walking up the stage, received the scroll from the chancellor…surprisingly.. i felt nothing. the most memorable moment for me was, when i bow to my parents and prof shahrir before the end of the session… because of them, then only i can stand on the stage with my robe, receiving the scroll.

thanks for the bears and flowers..

the buddies cup ^^ (the surprise from my buddies)

the parker pen from my big buddy (this is not a surprise from him, this is my own request while he was buying parker for others.. :p)

when i first wrote this letter to myself, frankly speaking i really felt stupid..

but now, after i grad, looking back at this letter which was return to us during convo..  it was like a reminder to me…esp when am tired enough to continue this journey..

i will try my best to keep my promise.









忽然间,我宁愿对着蚊子做事, 也不想对着那死鬼假惺惺的跌死你。忽然间,有种坏心肠的想法,不如那跌死你不如就这样跌死去可以吗?他妈的。


他妈的,救命啊!神啊!救救我吧!我不想留在这里跟她过日子!我就快要疯掉了。亏她还可以假惺惺向我问好,‘eh, 你还好吗?你看起来好压力’。他妈的鬼才不压力对着她,如果她做好她的事我就不需要被这些小事气死!