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this is what we called baby sitting.. lol

baby sitting

if all the mothers and baby sitters apply this.. wow.. wow.. wow.. lol..

(got this picture from an email..)

my mum vs computer game


car racing

hehe… my mum’s first time. 

anyway, she can drive better with the real car.. :p

car almost into the longkang

went to swimming and tried to make myself tired again. what a weird person right. and the sleeping habit recently was so weird too. last time, no matter early or late i go to bed, i will only conscious at around noon. but recently, no matter how late i sleep, i will wake up at 9-10am. then i will feel sleepy again after an hour and sleep again…

as usual, went out for dinner with bh after swimming. and the thing happened after coming back from dinner.  the parking lot near my block was fully occupied so i have to park my car at the other parking zone down there. well, the person who know me well will know that i am stubborn and always proud with my driving skill. and so the thing happened. bh had warned me that i should not park there since it is hard to get in. but i insist because i parked there before and i managed to get in there. initially, i managed to get in, and when i tried to straighten my car, the hind wheel knocked on a square thingy which use to cover the end of the longkang, i tried to get over it without realise that the front wheel was not straight and knocked on the divider as well. i kept thinking that the problem was with the hind wheel and so i tried to reverse and tekan minyak. and Yes! the hind wheel successful to get over the square thingy but at the same time, the front wheel was get over the divider and almost into the longkang as well. but luckily it didn’t go into the longkang.

and both of us were a bit kelam kabut and think of lots of theory and method, trying to get the wheel back into track. we tried to ‘jet’ the front of the car up so that it will be more easier to cross over the divider. but first, we have to figure out how to use that instrument. ‘WHY THERE IS NO INSTRUCTION BOOK FOR IT??’  my mother taught me before but same as study medicine, you won’t remember it until you apply it.  i tried to take the photo of it but failed with this lousy handphone. then when we did it half way (erm.. i think not even half way), a pak guard passed by and helped us with that. ‘tak payahlah guna jet tu, guna BATU’. wat?? batu?? serious ke??? and seriously, it worked. may be too much of logically thinking for us. haha..

and this thing definitely cannot let my parents know. or else i will get screwed like hell..




this is exactly what happens in my room, esp during study week…

but i still have clothes to u can imagine how many clothes i have right…hehe…:p


O&G= orang gila? orang garang?? whatever..

now have to walk straight after the A&E enterance, no more turning left. however the left turn seems ad became part of my habit, therefore if i am alone or not in rush, i will still turn left to the main building, go to second floor then only turn into O&G department. ya..this is me. like to use the long path. like to waste time. don like changes. almost all the time, i am using the long path, obviously i am alone. 4ppl in a group, only 8 students allocated to yellow ward. only 2 chinese. and i am weird enough. the most headache time is lunch time, it is either alone, sit with whoever coursemate i saw in the cafe, or even end up sitting with the patient’s relative. more and more weird. next time may be i will even hv my lunch in the ward with the patient.

tiba2 dipilih jadi ketua kumpulan. but obviously the i am just chosen to settle the ‘difficult’ stuff. the ‘easy’ stuff like dividing the beds in the ward will be settled by my group members and then only i will be informed what to do and which bed to cover. may be it is a good thing, less job.

not feeling well. cold intoterance. it is so cold in the labour room, OT and even the ward. Raynaud makes my fingers worse. having palpitation whenever i lie flat since last week but already resolved last night.

haiz…endless job waiting..gtg..chaoz..

outing again..

went out again…

went shopping and movie alone again..

this is the 3rd time i think

n i break my record, i only opened my mouth 7 times to talk

n i knw the way to mid valley already

there was so many ppl tat i hv to q up for half n hr for my movie ticket. twilight..hmmm…still ok la..i think the novel will be nicer..or jz may be my mood was not good for a movie i think. the malay couple who sat beside me in the cinema was so irritated, esp the guy. i hv no idea what is the point for them to be in the cinema. ‘touching’ each other so ‘often’, laughing for no reason n totally not appreciate the movie. n the most terrible thing was tat guy’s right leg. i not sure whether he got tremor, fasciculation or some other involuntary movement of the leg, he din ever stop shaking his leg for 2 hrs and 8 mins. i wish i hv any neurotransmitter blocker or neuromuscular junction blocker with me. or just ask edward to bite on his leg. damn it.

shopping?? the fashion n stock this season was so not me..can hardly get clothes for myself, just manage to get 2 formal shirts. the so called ‘colourful’ shirt just make me headache.

n recently duno wat happen to my neck, shoulder n clavicle tat area. sudden onset of dull ache, get worse with my sling bag today. cant continue shopping, hv to stop half way. damn..damn..damn…

jz had a burger for the whole day..surprisingly m not hungry yet at this time and hv no idea wat to eat..


how to become a consultoid?? or even a successful consultoid??

  1. one has to be kiasu(takut kalah) and definitely kiasi(takut mati).
  2. following are how they greet people or say hi: “any interesting case today?”, “any interesting finding?”, “tell me what’s the management of myocardiac infarction patient..”, “tell me what are the risk factors of breast canser..”…
  3. exophthalmos when see/hear something ‘interesting’.
  4. no cleft lips. so that his/her ‘interesting’ findings wont leak out.
  5. has to be muka tembok. moonface? few cm/inches are not enough, have to be few meters.
  6. aggressive.
  7. self-centered. not disease-centered or even not patient-centered.
  8. good in defending himself/herself and blaming the others.
  9. self confidence 100000000000000000000000000000000000 %
  10. has the quality to show off.
  11. the eyes are situated at the frontal bone just right in front of the coronal suture.
  12. double faces. good in acting cute in front of the ho, mo or supervisors..
  13. always move the atlanto-occipital joints when doctors say something but move the atlanto-axial joints when coursemates or seniors present the cases.
  14. PU or BO with the notes or books in hand..or even more high-tech with pda.
  15. NBM and IV TPN during study weeks or exam, so that can save more time.
  16. the only frequency played by the media player will be heart sounds and lung sounds.
  17. ….

if u fulfill the above criterias..congratulation…u have the potential to become a consultoid.


as usual..i get lost again today while on my way to old town and while on my way back from pavilion..trying not to use smart tunnel this time but jw and i end up at salak selatan highway, we were soooooo~~ happy when we saw the sign board writing  ‘CHERAS’..surprisingly…no road rage today..hehe..n discovered more jalan…

n more terrible things in old town, after ordering all the foods and drinks then only i perasan i forgot to bring my purse and license which mean that i have no money to pay my bill and i drove without license. zy only brought rm20 which was also not enough for 2 of us. so hv to susahkan her to cross the road to withdraw the money from ATM. am so blurrrrrr…..

washed my was bloody dirty with the leaves and dust, seems like just came out from jungle..cannot tahan anymore..

then went dinner vf jw, bs and little buddy at dragon eye..the sichuan soup really ‘geng’,the effect last longer than expected..can feel the burning sensation at all aound the lips, tongue and even all oral cavity..really ‘geng’. cant imagine how jw can finish the whole bowl..

then went shopping and movie…and had proven that high school musical 3 is not a ‘bollywood’ film..hehe..

arrhh….damn sleepy now…blog again nx time..

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