here again..

here in bilik seminar again…

stil lots of things waiting for me…but not feeling like wana do anything…endless job…

others r doing their report here…i m the 1 who still blogging here…

most of the chinese went bac…the others went to see kelip2..i m not following since i hv ad seen it for the 3rd time last wednesday. 1st and 2nd time were during secondary school…n diff places la…this time went to kg kuantan..even nicer…3 ppl in a sampan…starry night, clear sky, no moon..lying on the sampan, enjoying the stars and kelip2 in 1 view…if there was no work waiting for me, i wil definitely continue lying on the sampan until midnight waiting for the shooting stars…

many ppl get sicked after the program tindakan..jeffery, si ling, sze wern, zi teng…this time i m excluded…bcz i hv been sicked since 1 mth ago till now…but getting better liao la..seldom cough ad..

dinner alone in the room jz now -4 expired roti + milk + junk food

if i get sicked or diarrhoea or vomiting later, u wil knw wats happening…

seems like did sth wrong last night

some1 volunteer to fetch me bac nx wed, supposedly not to accept but wat to do, i don hv bus and i don hv car and somemore esp when i hv no one to talk to, this is the consequences…

really hv to go now…hv to pull myself bac to the work…

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Posted on July 4, 2008, in deep in d Heart, medic life, syOok, w3ird. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. really pity…..
    lonely, u r so lonely……
    but i sti here to give u moral support and my concern.
    jia you, jia you, jia you!

  2. haha…
    u got read my blog de meh??

  3. i always read it ,js never write comment, but see u so stress, so leave some comment lo.
    who going 2 fetch u in thursday?

  4. so charm eat dinner alone…..
    must be 靓仔 fetch u la

  5. where got so many leng chai in this world??

  6. haiyo, i can understand ur pahit la…
    but nvm la… at least it ends liao..u’re in ktdi again… somemore, they offer u to bring u back le…
    take care oh!

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