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the most pathetic person in the world is someone who work hard but not work smart, with a little return, just like me.

ya.. i know.. shouldn’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant. and should think positively.. but sometimes.. sigh..

full of ambitions, sometimes can feel that the targets become nearer and nearer but in reality, i am moving but not progressing. it is so near yet so far. everything is just an illusion. everything is just a mirror image, the opposite. should i believe my own eyes? should i still believe in what i see? should i believe in what i hear??

probably i am too ambitious, towards something which is hardly achieved by me. am i? how long will it takes to bring me there? then one will said ‘why should you care? as long as you reach there’. the most important question is ‘do you able to make it there?’

ya..positive thinking is good but too positive is not good.

and negative thinking is even worse. so please la especially to those who get good results, please stop complaining you didn’t study, you didn’t know how to answer, you sure fail and have to prepare to reseat.. to those genius, stop complaining when you can get a good result without studying a lot.. and STOP saying that i am smarter than you. it irritates me.

damn.. start to have loosening of association and start to mengamuk already.. better stop now.

the blur road


buddy system..

may be i am not the best or most suitable person to talk about this buddy system but just a bit tersinggung after reading the status and comments of someone from the facebook. may be i am the one who misinterpret it but it did sound that that fellow was berdendam, berkira and ugut the juniors with the attendance list.

i can’t deny that the attendance yesterday was disappointed.. and i think, if there is no merit system.. the attendance will be even more disappointed. ya.. probably the organizers will get mad after seeing the ‘second buddy line gathering’ photos which i uploaded to facebook yesterday. our buddy line was complete yesterday, went out for dinner but none of us join the explorace and i am the only one from the line who attended the forum at night.

the organizer really put a lot of efforts in it and i really appreciate it. however, it is not something which you can see the fruitful result you want in one night or by just a few programmes.. it takes time. it doesn’t mean that you should straight away give up and frustrated when you can’t achieve the short term target. and even though without this programmes, the juniors or the seniors can always take their own initiatives to approach each other. it is always a two way relationship, it needs everyone from the line to put in their efforts to maintain the relationship and the spirit has to be planted since first year.. and it only depends on how you view and weigh the thing..

some might think ‘my big buddy din bother me pun and i still can survive, why should i treat my lil buddy nice’.. ‘ala.. everyone of us has our own life’…  ‘busy la..’ … and the cycle goes on.. those ‘genius’ who think that they no need buddy, only treat their buddies as a tool to borrow notes and books.. attitude again la tu.. luckily my big buddy didn’t treat me like that.. haha.. u know..

ok la.. i think  i should stop here.. have been talking too much on this issue already.. nanti ada orang terperasan pula.

sigh.. this should a happy post to blog about the dinner last night.. who knows it ended up like this.. suddenly not get used to me at this blog something like this..


thankful to have all of you as my buddies..

a ‘piece’ of me

went for skin biopsy this morning.. i thought this will be just simply done in the clinic.. manatau it was done in day care.

ok.. i was being CUT in the mini mini OT of the day care and the INJECTION of LA REALLY REALLY REALLY PAIN. never try, never know.

a 1.5-2.0 cm vertical incision was made at my back with the depth of… errr.. till the subcutaneous fat (if not mistaken), leaving 4 sutures on my back now.

hopefully, the skin biopsy able to find out what’s wrong with the chronic rash and telangiectasia.. (TRO TMEP)

a piece of me

STO after 12 days…

am having difficulty in bathing now… FOR 12 DAYS!!

referral letter


the moral of the story is : don’t write the referral letter before you take the full history and do the physical examination (in this case, at least inspection)
my rash is not generalized but only localize at specific regions. whatever.. i don’t think she cares.. and i don’t even care she diagnoses it correctly or not and nothing much she can do, only antihistamine kut i think which i still have the stock.
she wants the MONEY and i want the referral letter. thats it..

and it costs me RM15

and i think i can even write better than her.. just that i don’t have the rubber stamp with the title of DR.


this is what we called baby sitting.. lol

baby sitting

if all the mothers and baby sitters apply this.. wow.. wow.. wow.. lol..

(got this picture from an email..)

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