nah.. the 4C here does not mean cash, car, condominium and credit card.

it’s a place, a ward where most of my experience, skills and memories made.. grateful enough to be given the chance and opportunity to stay in 4c for 2 months to work with dr lee lee, dr raj and karti. karti – my best ever partner since in ortho, being apart for the second posting till we meet again in medical. 🙂

before entering 4c (the so called acute male and ID ward), have been hearing lots of story regarding the ward, how chaotic, how busy it is, how difficult to set a line for the ID patients.. and it did scare me seriously.

after 2 months in 4c, i think i can proudly say that ‘i survive 4c, both the most luxuries and most difficult period with only 2 Ho covering the ward with EOD double shifts’. if given chance to turn back the clock, i think i will choose to spend the 3 and a half months in 4c with 2 weeks in cardio. it is worth to have the bad backache and bruises all over the shin n knee during the time in 4c.. thank you for all the trust given to me..

being the chronic ID Ho for 2 months, it did change my perceptions towards the RV patient.. from stigmatize them to desensitize till wanted to help them as much as possible. can’t deny that some of them memang sendiri cari pasal 1, but some of them are actually the victim of it..

i think i have to accept the fact that am a workaholic, obsessive and love to do procedures very much. i think the people who know me will know that my sepet eyes will *shine* when there’re procedures to do, lumbar puncture, long line, short line, triple lumen, IJC, femoral catheter, BMAT, peritoneal dialysis, pleural tapping, peritoneal tapping, defib… ops.. haven’t had chance to insert chest tube yet.

i will not forget the fun and joke we had together
– the symbiosis of staph aureus
– the dump dump
– the dinner, the cow..
– the real dua pek gong and the dua pek gong in the tokong
– the lace panties
– the dengue in hyperthyroid phase.. LOL
– many many more..

seldom feeling so reluctant to leave a ward, a posting that much.. i think i found the light (but am so lazy to study.. Zzzzzz..). thank all of you for all the inspiration, teaching, guidance and training given..to make me a better person and doctor.

the only thing i won’t miss.. is the poh peh sis*** who threw our CSF away without our permission. :p

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  1. We enjoyed working with you too .thanks for your kind words.
    Many People consider ward 4C as ward Cap-Parangg…. But you hvgraduated fr 4C w flying colours!
    Do drop by 4C to say hi to us and your beloved Sis….. next time, I will send your regards to Miss Pan— when I see ‘her’ next time, ok?

    • Sure.. Dr lee lee.. But if u happen to see miss pan, please tell her that her pan— is not nice.. LOL
      Oh ya and please kindly arrange my beloved Sis… to re-attend the nursing course again, she didnt know how to read CVP n I dunno how she did suction till can dislodge the ETT.

  2. Never heard u like a posting so much. Go after MRCP la, since sudah ada cikgu tuition yg ready made. 🙂

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