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outing again..

went out again…

went shopping and movie alone again..

this is the 3rd time i think

n i break my record, i only opened my mouth 7 times to talk

n i knw the way to mid valley already

there was so many ppl tat i hv to q up for half n hr for my movie ticket. twilight..hmmm…still ok la..i think the novel will be nicer..or jz may be my mood was not good for a movie i think. the malay couple who sat beside me in the cinema was so irritated, esp the guy. i hv no idea what is the point for them to be in the cinema. ‘touching’ each other so ‘often’, laughing for no reason n totally not appreciate the movie. n the most terrible thing was tat guy’s right leg. i not sure whether he got tremor, fasciculation or some other involuntary movement of the leg, he din ever stop shaking his leg for 2 hrs and 8 mins. i wish i hv any neurotransmitter blocker or neuromuscular junction blocker with me. or just ask edward to bite on his leg. damn it.

shopping?? the fashion n stock this season was so not me..can hardly get clothes for myself, just manage to get 2 formal shirts. the so called ‘colourful’ shirt just make me headache.

n recently duno wat happen to my neck, shoulder n clavicle tat area. sudden onset of dull ache, get worse with my sling bag today. cant continue shopping, hv to stop half way. damn..damn..damn…

jz had a burger for the whole day..surprisingly m not hungry yet at this time and hv no idea wat to eat..


if u don’t think u have any problem and no need to see psy or counsellor..then it means that i am the one who having problem and need to see psy cz i can hardly tahan with u already…arrrhhhhhhhhhhhh……….

especially your facial expression..i rather you become just like parkinsonism pt–>expressionless

the way you express yourself

the content of your talking–>excuse me, can you just summarize the thing and tell me whats the point or may be you hv read too much of forsythe during your surgery posting..

always complain: LOST!! DEPRESSED!!! TENSION!!!! STRESS!!!!!!!!!!–>you think you are the only one who hv tension in this world ke??? you think you are the only one who hv stress in Malaysia ke??? you think you are the only one who lost in medical school ke???? i totally have no idea how to counsel you already, talk properly with you, useless, the words went into the brain but duno how to apply it. don talk to you, then you hv MORE TENSION pula…and now i m the one who feel tension with you!! and have to behave like i m having parkinsonism ie monotone and expressionless when talking to you. this is the best thing i can do before i increase my tone and hurt you more.

always complain complain complain complain…….the same thing since 1st YEAR…don you ever feel bored?? but i already feel tired with it seriously.

who cares??!! i don even care..and i tak larat to care anymore. it makes no different after all.

A Friend’s Promise

When times get tough and you feel down,
good friends are hard to come by.
But down worry when I see you frown
I’ll be right by your side.

It may be a boy that breaks your heart
I promise, the pain will fade away
But don’t you worry I will do my part
To be there for you every day.

But perhaps it’s your parents that made you cry
They are the ones who have you upset
They don’t mean to make you have tears in your eyes
And on that I am sure to bet

And sometimes you just feel down and out
Just need a friend to on whom you can rely
Don’t worry we can talk about
Whatevers on your mind

And even sometimes when you don’t feel like want to tell
Just need a friend to hang around with
Don’t worry…
I will always in standby mode

You can call me even if it’s late
Or if I’m studying for a test
Even if you know, that I am on a date
To help I will do my best

Because you’re my friend you can rely on me
To get you through those bad times
And will not leave you alone
For sure

pamper myself again

birthday presents for myself kononnya…:P


sonic gear evo 5 woofer:

evo 5

il divo’s latest album ‘The Promise’

il divo 'the promise'

good combination right…hehe..

next will be yanni voices..:-)

mood swing

don ask me why..

n i also have no idea why i have bad mood since last night.

and i even don understand why a person who ad knw me for two and a half year, stay in the same unit for one and a half year still duno my behavior and style, dare to challenge my threshold..

keep on asking me questions and asking WHY…

that person is always the limiting factor for the thing, but she still wants me to make decision for that. WHY don u jz tell me your decision?? after all i dont think you will agree with me. another thing was she can simply change her mind, a decision after a decision. CANT you jz make a final decision before telling me??

totally sien diao…

my birthday..

15.11.2008, my 22nd birthday…happy birthday to me~~

don think wana describe more here..afraid of my words will spoil the things. this definitely will be one of the best memory i ever had.

first of all, have to thank my mom for delivering me into this world 22 years ago..

then..thank you, my dear laopo for the planning of my birthday, bringing me to alexis and the dedication of the birthday song. love it so much…you always knw what i like..

n thanks to everyone who perforates their wallets to belanja me alexis..paiseh la…esp my buddy, bengsiong and jw’s buddy, jy (pity him, dah sakit pun hv to go with us and kena boom teruk2). buddy, thank you for the birthday post at ur blog too..:)

Tuk..thank you for the brownie..yummy~~;)

thx to my groupmates for the surprise party in the ward this morning..

thx to ah fei for the rojak….hehe..

thank you, auntie irene for the birthday card from holland.

thx to everyone for the birthday song n wishes

i very appreciate that.

the 22nd birthday present for myself: il divo’s latest album, ‘The Promise’..(birthday is always a good reason to buy something for myself..:p)

the only disappointment: someone had forgotten about my birthday..nah~~never expect someone to remember pun…


why am i so tired?

surgery posting should be a honeymoon, why yet i feel more tired in this posting compared to medicine posting?

why am i more interested and curious about the things which will not come out in the exam?

why am i so exhausted?

why am i so narcoleptic?

why the cantonese i speak today sound weird?

why i need to take Eperisone HCL, muscle relaxant? i don think i have muscle spasm.

why have to take the Eperisone tds? why cannot make it bd?

why only can take the drug after meal? why cannot take it with perut kosong? so mafan…how to take it in the middle of the teaching or clinic or ward without food?? cannot blame me for not being compliant to the drug…

why sometimes the baby’s feces is green in colour?? why the patient asked me such question?? why i didn’t question myself even i hv seen it so many times before?

why it always rain when i plan to go swimming?

why i still cannot get used to bath with cold water even though ad 2 n a half years in KL? but i like cold weather and cold drinks.

why i have so many why today?

why my brain cant stop thinking ‘why’?



how to become a consultoid?? or even a successful consultoid??

  1. one has to be kiasu(takut kalah) and definitely kiasi(takut mati).
  2. following are how they greet people or say hi: “any interesting case today?”, “any interesting finding?”, “tell me what’s the management of myocardiac infarction patient..”, “tell me what are the risk factors of breast canser..”…
  3. exophthalmos when see/hear something ‘interesting’.
  4. no cleft lips. so that his/her ‘interesting’ findings wont leak out.
  5. has to be muka tembok. moonface? few cm/inches are not enough, have to be few meters.
  6. aggressive.
  7. self-centered. not disease-centered or even not patient-centered.
  8. good in defending himself/herself and blaming the others.
  9. self confidence 100000000000000000000000000000000000 %
  10. has the quality to show off.
  11. the eyes are situated at the frontal bone just right in front of the coronal suture.
  12. double faces. good in acting cute in front of the ho, mo or supervisors..
  13. always move the atlanto-occipital joints when doctors say something but move the atlanto-axial joints when coursemates or seniors present the cases.
  14. PU or BO with the notes or books in hand..or even more high-tech with pda.
  15. NBM and IV TPN during study weeks or exam, so that can save more time.
  16. the only frequency played by the media player will be heart sounds and lung sounds.
  17. ….

if u fulfill the above criterias..congratulation…u have the potential to become a consultoid.

making a difference

read this article from decided to upload it here:

there are so many patients in the clinic. how can i be kind to everyone? does it make a difference after all?

once upon a time, there was a wise man that used to go to the ocean to do his writing. he had a habit of walking on the beach before he began his work. one day, he was walking along the shore. as he looked down the beach, he saw a human figure moving like a dancer. he smiled to himself to think of someone who would dance to the day. so, he began to move faster to catch up. as he got closer, he saw that it was a young man and the young man wasn’t dancing, but instead he was reaching down to the shore, picking up something and very gently throwing it into the ocean. as he got closer he called out, “Good morning! what are you doing?’ the young man paused, looked up and replied, “throwing starfish into the ocean?”

“i guess i should have asked, why are you throwing starfish in the ocean?”

“the sun is up, and the tide is going out. and if i don’t throw them in, they’ll die.”

“but, young man, don’t you realize that there are miles of beach, and starfish all along it. you can’t possibly make a difference!”

the young man listened politely. then bent down, picked another starfish and threw it into the sea, past the breaking waves and said, “it made a different for that one.”



as usual..i get lost again today while on my way to old town and while on my way back from pavilion..trying not to use smart tunnel this time but jw and i end up at salak selatan highway, we were soooooo~~ happy when we saw the sign board writing  ‘CHERAS’..surprisingly…no road rage today..hehe..n discovered more jalan…

n more terrible things in old town, after ordering all the foods and drinks then only i perasan i forgot to bring my purse and license which mean that i have no money to pay my bill and i drove without license. zy only brought rm20 which was also not enough for 2 of us. so hv to susahkan her to cross the road to withdraw the money from ATM. am so blurrrrrr…..

washed my was bloody dirty with the leaves and dust, seems like just came out from jungle..cannot tahan anymore..

then went dinner vf jw, bs and little buddy at dragon eye..the sichuan soup really ‘geng’,the effect last longer than expected..can feel the burning sensation at all aound the lips, tongue and even all oral cavity..really ‘geng’. cant imagine how jw can finish the whole bowl..

then went shopping and movie…and had proven that high school musical 3 is not a ‘bollywood’ film..hehe..

arrhh….damn sleepy now…blog again nx time..