Monthly Archives: May 2011


I asked my mum to drive me here to bukit merah for induction yesterday though it was just an hour journey.

The reason I gave was ‘I lazy to drive on my own’.

But deep in my heart, I wanted to tell my mother that ‘I just wanted to spend another hour with you even it is in the car’ T.T


hong kong 2011

i don’t talk much. i snap.

try to capture life, see life at a different angle and learn how to live my life..

you will find that most of the time, there’s only picutres and without the description. well, that’s me. i am not good in writing and i am definitely not good in describing. and i do believe that a picture tells a thousand words. everyone has a different point of view on the same thing, so there’s no need to restrict yourself when seeing things.

well, and this is how i see hong kong..

new wallpaper

whee.. just made a new wallpaper for my laptop again. 🙂

trying to make something new with new elements, new inspirations, new motivations and new photos.. but ended up with almost the same photos with the previous one. but at least, it gives a different feel and less narcissism kut.. narcissism.. hmmm.. after all i still narcissistic towards my product.

may be i should try to make something more cheerful with the photos i took in hong kong disneyland. but that’s so not me, living in imaginations, fantasies and dreams.. well, i was corrupted by hong kong drama since childhood.