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Truth of Touch

how long still i have to wait for it to be available in Malaysia’s store? sigh.. 😦

why la i’m not allowed to purchase it online? siiigggggghhhhhhhh…


choking in the air of freedom

whee~~ i am going to teluk intan tomorrow and i am temporary free from covering bed in hukm. lol.. already passed up cwu, so only things which left waiting for me are log book and text books. wuahahaha.. finally can concentrate on the study already, and of course sleep.

have been very busy in surgery posting until didn’t have much time to study, actually i also have no idea why am i so busy and tired. ward work? probably. waking up early in the morning is killing me, and even busier than int medicine posting but luckily it’s stress free. so am going to sleep gao gao in teluk intan and of course study gao gao too. what to do, the knowledge is sucks..

bought a celcom boardband yesterday, so solved the internet connection problem in teluk intan. whee~ filling the application/registration form with my home address, which means —> the bill will be sent to my home :p. ok, i know am bad. the worst thing is, i called my mom after i buy the broadband, so that they won’t be shocked by the monthly bill. :p (bad bad daughter). after all, my mom didn’t scold me.. because i finished my OnG posting, the boardband will be hers :p. my dad is going to fix my ex-laptop with secondhand motherboard and asked me to teach my mom msn. so ‘in’ huh? haha..

going to redbox as planned by my beloved housemate who ‘fong fei gei’ but of course, we still enjoy ourselves very much. lol.

fuh, i look damn cool with the cap. (perasannye.. :p)

‘am i seeing double?’ lol. my twin? haha..

*drum* presenting my cute housemate, ooi zhi yi.. lovely? she is still S.A.D. (Single, Available, and Desperate), so guys.. don’t terlepas peluang.. hahahaha..

ok, chao.. (have to pack for teluk intan –> clothes for 2 weeks, books, slr, laptop, boardband, japanese table, fold-able mattress, hangers.. oh ya blanket and bedsheet which i forgot last time, i dont wanna buy another bedsheet in Giant anymore..  MOST IMPORTANT thing –> headphone, or else i am going to suffer from the walking high pitch amplifier for the next 3 weeks, sorry, my tympanic membrane is just too lax and thin for such high pitch audio.)

陳奕迅 《一絲不掛》

曲: Christopher Chak
词: 林夕
编: Gary Tong
监: Alvin Leong


这根线其实说到底 谁拿捏在手

不聚不散 只等你给另一对手擒获
那时青丝 不会用上余生来量度
但我拖著躯壳 发现沿途寻找的快乐
仍系於你肩膊 或是其实在等我舍割



不聚不散 只等你给另一对手擒获
以为青丝 不会用上余生来量度
但我拖著躯壳 发现沿途寻找的快乐
仍系於你肩膊 或是其实在等我舍割

一直不觉 捆绑我的未可扣紧承诺
满头青丝 想到白了仍懒得脱落
被你牵动思觉 最后谁愿缠绕到天国
然后撕裂躯壳 欲断难断在 不甘心去舍割

无奈你我牵过手 没绳索


my secondary school band is going to hold a concert on this friday to raise fund. still in dilemma. should i go?? (i got a free ticket from my junior).

the person who know me will know that previously i was a band member for 8 years, and even now i am still the fan of band.. bla bla bla..

but somehow, i keep telling myself that.. this is not your era anymore, why should you care so much and don’t think people will appreciate you.

what left behind are those good memories, which already spoilt by our guru penasihat, Mr Lau. really have to thank him and the principle incharged at that time, Mr. Lim. he and the principle were those who exposed us to the dark side of school politics in those young age and ‘trained’ us how to protect ourselves from them, but still.. useless and hopeless. all about politics, giler kuasa and pangkat.. he kicked our beloved coach out of the band, used the money from our account without telling us before hand, tried to recruit the students who were close to him and support him into the band, made some tricks and lied to the lower form members so that they have conflicts and don’t trust their seniors anymore (but am so happy and proud with my juniors that he FAIL), screwed us even we managed to get the 3rd prize in the state marching band competition (in the condition of training without coach)… and now he screwed everything again. he replaced another nice coach with someone he ‘knows’ (his friend kut if not mistaken) who dunno how to teach formation.. (may be he is made of lilin and will melt under the sun)

the saddest thing i heard recently was,  the batch of members who just graduated said that they are not going back to the chio min band anymore, they are not going back to visit the juniors and not going to attend anything organized by the band. see.. Mr Lau! please open your eyes and see what have you done!  you have ruined the tradition and the spirit. and now you are trying to ruin our old history and replace with your own one.

arghhh.. god..

may be.. may be i shouldn’t go back.. the current band is not the band i knw of anymore.

.. . ….. …. …


… …

yanni again

nah~~may be everyone has tired n bored with me whenever i mention about yanni..but i still like to talk about him..cant help..

i am just fall in love with yanni’s music again after il divo for quite some times…hehe…:p

his music always make me happy…:) Looking forward for his latest album, Yanni Voices..hehe..(invest in music always make people broke, i am a good example for that-havent started to make my own money, i ad hv a list of dvds, cds, concerts and musical instruments which i m going to buy..hehe)

watching his concert dvd over and over again…esp Yanni Live! The Concert Event and i wiil be attracted by different music everytime i watch it. for current episode is ‘until the last moment’.

appreaciating your life until the last moment for whatever it turns out to be…

who am i

today should be a happy day

went shopping again at mid valley today..bought a lot of things n seriously i m broke….

bought a sweater from zara



CDs again(kenny G and clapton chronicles) and a crazy sign for my car. n i am crazy, standing alone at the rock corner, almost finished half of the clapton chronicles’s album there.

then watched a movie-painted skin…quite nice n i cried again in the cinema…my threshold dropped ad la


why it turns out like this.. 35mins before the day ends

why u suddenly dig the problem out?? afterall it is not ur fault, i yang mentioned the problem to u dulu this afternoon..

not dare to tell n duno how to tell..

u asked me what had happened…i also wish to know what had happened..totally hv no idea..

trying to persuade myself not to think that works for most of the time but not all the time

can’t help..

can someone tell me who am i actually???

pampering myself

it is always a good reason to shop after the final exams..


watched mamma mia…very very very nice!!! n it is worth to watch for 2nd, 3rd..time..

i even bought the ost of tat movie before watching it…

trying to stop myself from buying too much of things tomoro i wil go shopping again..

feeling guilty..but cant help….cant stop me from buying things..hehe..

Yanni Voices

Yanni will be touring in 2008 – 2009.

next Yanni Concert will be held in


late November 2008

i want the yanni voices dvd/cd!!!!!


ii want it..i want it..i want it… want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…i want it..i want it..i want it…

how to get it??? ah!!!!!!