sometimes, the situation is bad if you remain silent.

sometimes, the situation becomes worse when you try to safe it.

and sometimes, it just makes you in dilemma.



sometimes, stress and hormone imbalance drive people crazy

sometimes, PPD is useless (which means that it only will be applied when socialize with the people who is not close to you)

and sometimes, there are people who feel that they are the bosses, superiorly high above others.


may be i should remain silent

or may be i should just be alone tonight

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Posted on February 7, 2009, in deep in d Heart. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Still speechless now?…

  2. I thought PPD can only be applied in our exam?
    I dont knw what happend…
    but yesterday night shouldn’t b ended like tht..
    u still have us as ur friends… dont spoiled the night in any “condition”…

  3. may i know what’s going on?
    that’s a saturday night what?
    i think we are quite happy going out to pasar malam that night??

  4. u really hv retrograde amnesia la edwin.
    jz forget bout it.

  5. aiyo.. sui zabo..
    sorry la, really can’t remember.
    since you know i have amnesia, remind me mah~
    baru boleh improve.. ^^

  6. sui dabo..
    this kind of unhappy thing, wat for stil want to ungkitkannye..
    jz forget bout it la

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