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i hate the hot weather

i hate headache

i hate those people who cause me headache

i hate those things which cause me headache

i hate myself to be so intolerance towards caffeine

i hate insomnia

i hate when both headache and insomnia happen together

i hate taking pain killer

i hate taking loratadine OD

i hate those people who being so inconsiderate

i hate those people who always take me for granted

i hate someone, someone and someone

and i hate myself to have so many ‘hate’, sorry.. can’t help. i am a human too, i have my own threshold, i have my own limit and i am imperfect.

and i cant even help if you so perasan to feel that ‘those people’ and ‘someone’ i hate is you.



有些人不知道事情背后的真相,就只针对事情的表面, 一味的在骂。。唯恐天下不乱、唯恐天下人不知他的想法是多么的好。。明明就是无知。。

有些人以为自己很聪明,但根本就不知道事情背后的严重性 。。没远见。。


有些东西明明就是紫色,但就死命要把它涂上绿色。。 难道天下人都色盲了吗?



(hmm…太多的有些人了..看来我得罪了很多‘有些人’… 不要诬赖我,我是中立的)

how to get rid of someone

mood swing again~ ok.. don’t blame psy posting this time.

everything went smoothly yesterday until i get a phone call in the cinema while watching angels and demons. i don’t know whose number is that. and that fellow didn’t answer my question even i asked him twice. he thought i was having lecture that time and hang up. 

until today, the incident flashed back and i tried to recall that voice. is that him? then i called my mother to ask whether he called my old number. and the answer is, yeah~ he did. he told my mother he is a friend of mine and so my mother told him my new number. gosh! i ignored his msg last time, i ignored his calls, i ignored his msn, i ignored his facebook, i changed my hp number, i informed everyone except him. and my mother told him. *faint* and after double confirm this evening, IT WAS HIM! *faint again*

whose fault is that? definitely not my mother. she didn’t know that fellow is him. and she didn’t know i didn’t inform him about my new number. 

my fault?

or his fault??

he just makes my life miserable. can someone please kindly help me to get rid of him?? he is so irritating.. how to get him out of my life?? what else can i do??? 

  1. kill him?
  2. paraquat?
  3. racun tikus?
  4. ECT (electroconvulsive therapy)?
  5. anything that can remove his memory

gosh.. what am i doing now?? planning to kill?

please la.. it is more than a year already. don’t you understand? just let me go ok? 

please don’t make me shout at you and hate you more. you know i will.



seriously… i need to sleep…




everything is normal. the results for all the tests are wrong with me actually??

now is propanolol.

next will be the holter and transthoracic echo.

if the holter and transthoracic echo also normal, then?? should be sth wrong with the pacemaker kut..

then, do i need to depend on propanolol for my entire life??

making up signs

am i making up signs? am i going up signs?? what for??

jz duno why..when i talked to the dr at A&E department, it seems like i was making up signs BCZ THE ECG WAS NORMAL. if the result from the lab investigation is also normal, then i really have no idea how to explain all those signs and symptoms already. hardly to find someone to believe me that i am not making up signs and symptoms. hey man, this is my body ok..i can feel it myself whenever there is something wrong with it ok..and for those who know me well will realise that i am such a stubborn person and will not seek for medical intervention unless i really cannot bear with it anymore..

do you think it is fun to do anything or jz simply hv meal with dyspnoea?? tak lalu makan. or even worse in this O&G posting, busy all the time. not manage to finish the grand ward round last friday. palpitation, tachycardia, tachypnoea and dyspnoea during the round. what to do, hv to chao half way la..or else i will be the one who lying in the ward. tomoro morning still got another grand ward round. went to cover beds just now. i jz stand for around 15mins then sudden onset of backache, very severe backache, never had this before, can hardly stand. was wondered whether i managed to walk back to the hostel or not. after resting awhile in the tutorial room, i started that ‘long long’ journey. backache again when i reached the door. lying flat for around 10mins then only it relieved.

really damn it..everything comes together.

the only positive thing i can think of at this moment is, i finally knw how the patients suffer from their disease. -.-lll


outing again..

went out again…

went shopping and movie alone again..

this is the 3rd time i think

n i break my record, i only opened my mouth 7 times to talk

n i knw the way to mid valley already

there was so many ppl tat i hv to q up for half n hr for my movie ticket. twilight..hmmm…still ok la..i think the novel will be nicer..or jz may be my mood was not good for a movie i think. the malay couple who sat beside me in the cinema was so irritated, esp the guy. i hv no idea what is the point for them to be in the cinema. ‘touching’ each other so ‘often’, laughing for no reason n totally not appreciate the movie. n the most terrible thing was tat guy’s right leg. i not sure whether he got tremor, fasciculation or some other involuntary movement of the leg, he din ever stop shaking his leg for 2 hrs and 8 mins. i wish i hv any neurotransmitter blocker or neuromuscular junction blocker with me. or just ask edward to bite on his leg. damn it.

shopping?? the fashion n stock this season was so not me..can hardly get clothes for myself, just manage to get 2 formal shirts. the so called ‘colourful’ shirt just make me headache.

n recently duno wat happen to my neck, shoulder n clavicle tat area. sudden onset of dull ache, get worse with my sling bag today. cant continue shopping, hv to stop half way. damn..damn..damn…

jz had a burger for the whole day..surprisingly m not hungry yet at this time and hv no idea wat to eat..


why am i so tired?

surgery posting should be a honeymoon, why yet i feel more tired in this posting compared to medicine posting?

why am i more interested and curious about the things which will not come out in the exam?

why am i so exhausted?

why am i so narcoleptic?

why the cantonese i speak today sound weird?

why i need to take Eperisone HCL, muscle relaxant? i don think i have muscle spasm.

why have to take the Eperisone tds? why cannot make it bd?

why only can take the drug after meal? why cannot take it with perut kosong? so mafan…how to take it in the middle of the teaching or clinic or ward without food?? cannot blame me for not being compliant to the drug…

why sometimes the baby’s feces is green in colour?? why the patient asked me such question?? why i didn’t question myself even i hv seen it so many times before?

why it always rain when i plan to go swimming?

why i still cannot get used to bath with cold water even though ad 2 n a half years in KL? but i like cold weather and cold drinks.

why i have so many why today?

why my brain cant stop thinking ‘why’?



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