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and for the first time, i fell asleep in the plane before the plane depart. i was so tired.. and not excited pun. what to do, my mum woke me up early in the morning for cheng beng.. and after cheng beng, i tried to take a nap but my mum woke me up again after 15 minutes. annnnnnnndddddddddd….. tried to sleep again afterwards… but my mum woke me up AGAIN..

and am in Perth now

and using my cousin bro’s laptop while he is away to school.. hehe..

really can’t live without laptop and internet. my pda phone was so tiny.. want to online pun susah.. the screen too small.

then there is a new name for HTC = Hard To Connect. haha. my cousin name it when my htc cannot connect to their wireless network yesterday.

everything was so slow and peace here. very different from KL, even in the town. and the weather here in this season is just nice.

went to the botanical garden at night, to see the night view of perth.. waoh.. it was so nice.. and coincidently there were fireworks.. so so so so… beautiful.. BUT I FORGOT TO BRING MY TRIPOD OUT!! they didn’t tell me they are going to see the night view, i tot we were only out for dinner. then i took the pictures of the night view and fireworks like hell.. luckily some of it still looked nice without the tripod. but only a few. what a waste. we have ‘eye on malaysia’ in malacca and they have ‘eye on perth’ here.

then the next morning, we went to the fremantle market. the old and new market. the market there was so different from malaysia. there were divided into wet and dry market. and they sold lots of unique and creative art crafts. i bought lots of it as souvenirs till i nearly broke. i didn’t get any koala bear from here. it is cheap but too common.

the people here build a building is just like building Lego.

and if wanna compare my cousin’s apartment with our ktdi or vistana, here is just like a heaven, the design, the furniture, the layout and the rooms are just waohhhh… and the rental is also WAOHHH…200 australia dollar per WEEK per person.

so bored today.. still lazying in the apartment.. waiting for the lunch and my cousins back from uni..

feel sleepy again..