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fav quote during primary school

this week is the exam week for the primary and secondary school. doing nothing at home, my job now is halau my cousins away from the tv and go study.

then one day, my mum asked me whether i still remember whats my favourite quote last time during primary school when she asked me to study.

well.. hehe.. of course i remember  –> ‘ala.. no need to study 1 since i dunno what are the questions will be asked tomorrow’.. (feeling like wanna slap me?? hehe).. okok, that was me last time (see, i memang so chuan4 since primary school). but no more behave like that after a fall during secondary school. now lagi not dare to say like that, balasanlah tu. hehe..

another favourite quote of mine when my dad scold me for doing homework or reading in front of the television was, ‘i am using my eyes to read and ears to listen to the tv –> multitasking’ :p then lama-kelamaan, my dad pun dah accept this fact. lol.

hmmm… i wonder why none of my cousins use my trick when i ask them to study.. hehe..



sigh.. am really getting older and older.. went to salon to have my hair cut and straighten it sempena the chinese new year. (photos will be uploaded later since i find my hairstyle always looks nicer after a sleep. ^^). ok back to the story. i met someone in the salon, she is allan’s new student, my secondary school junior, my school band junior, BUT WHO IS SHE? WHAT’S HER NAME? Ivy? Pei Wen? oh damn.. i really can’t remember. i even can’t remember what musical instrument she used last time. trumpet?? damn.. am really old enough to have amnesia.. she only looks familiar to me.

The girl: are you jia hui?
Me : yup.
The girl: are you going to visit teacher during the holidays?
Me : errr.. which teacher huh?
The girl: the coach (the ex-band coach, my primary school teacher).
Me : ooo.. i memang will visit her every chinese new year de but haven’t decide the date.
… bla bla bla…

after chatting for so long, i still can’t remember who is she.. damn.. and yet so paiseh and embarrass to ask for her name. aiks.. (may be am too famous last time, people recognize me but i can’t recognize all of them..hehe.. ish.. ish.. muka tembok).

well.. i have to admit that i am not good in remembering people’s name and wordsssssss… may be you won’t believe this since am studying medicine and have to remember lots of new termssssss. i can remember the melody well but i can’t remember the words/pronunciation without visualization of the alphabets, probably too much of music and band last time and too much of photography nowadays. haiz… how to stimulate the brain to be more sensitive towards words and phrases?? so that i can speed up the reading and no need to double the hard work?? arrgh.. can i have a scanner in my brain? can i have a memory card reader in my brain?? especially when people get older, the brain also ikut atrophy…


for those who get it, congratz… for those who do not, just forget about it..



this is what we called baby sitting.. lol

baby sitting

if all the mothers and baby sitters apply this.. wow.. wow.. wow.. lol..

(got this picture from an email..)

today’s clinic

have no idea why, today’s clinic full of the talkative patients. they don’t have pressure of speech but still cannot tahan the talkativeness. the patients kept on talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking non stop. and the winner goes to B, talkative + high volume. even havent reached his turn, he knocked on the door, came in and

B: dr, dah sampai B belum ni? B dah tunggu lama ni. nanti B kena jalan kaki balik ni.

Dr: okok, belum lagi. B tunggu sekejap lagi k..

then the patient, B went out.

after awhile, we can hear from the inside of the clinic..

B: dah sampai B belum ni? B dah tunggu lama ni. nanti B kena jalan kaki balik ni.

then he entered the clinic again

B: dr, dah sampai B belum ni? B dah tunggu lama ni. nanti B kena jalan kaki balik ni.

and so, he successfully cut the q.

then he started his story again about his bowel habit. and when he cant express himself in malay, he turned to us and spoke mandarin with us.

Dr: apa dia cakap? bang sai kah?

B: dulu ah, i guna barang tu ah.. dan masukkan lo..

Dr: kenapa? tak boleh bang sai kah?

B: boleh..

the bang sai was ok but he insisted want the medication for him to bang sai.

then he turned to us and started talking about prostitute..

B: 鸡(妓女)啊,真的有女人去做这种工的,不是说没有你知道吗,在bukit bintang, chow kit..都有你知道吗? 不是说没有,真的有女人做这种工的.. (he turned to the malay coursemates) itu ayam ah.. memang ada tau.. 真的有的你知道吗,不是说没有,我也找过..呵呵..ala..害羞啦不要说了..malulah.. taknak cakap lagi..

but then the patient still continue 真的有女人去做这种工的,不是说没有你知道吗..

i have no idea how many times the patient had repeated the same things again and again and again with the high volume.. finally come to the prescription of the drugs..

B: dr, berapa macam?

Dr: lima macam.

B: kenapa lima? dulu enam macam

Dr: okok.. (then the dr wrote something on the prescription..)

then finally when the patient stand up and plan to go out,

Dr: itu.. B ada pergi cari perempuan lagi kah?

omg.. i nearly faint.. the doctor switched on the switch again..

B: takde la.. itu ayam ah.. 不是说没有你知道吗.. 真的有女人做这种工的 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

and finally bluehhhhhhh… he finally left the clinic..

the story didn’t end here.

after awhile, he came in with the medication pula

B: dr, kenapa ubat itu tak sama macam? kenapa kurang? B nak baik ni. dr kena bagi ubat yang baik tau baru B boleh baik tau.. dan takde ubat untuk bang sai pun.. B nak baik ni.. dr kena bagi ubat yang bagus…………..

haiz.. again.. he insisted to have the same medication as before..

and if his medication is not good/effective enough, it wont cost more than a thousand ringgit kut..


this is funny..

ok.. this is funny when i received a message ‘salam/hello, u are been asked 2 come 2 world health day meeting tonight on 8.30pm at ibnu sina’

and the funniest thing is ‘tahniah! anda telah dipilih untuk menjadi PENGARAH/EXCO TECHNICAL’. OMG! you asked a person who ONLY pernah pindah kerusi when jadi ajk technical last time to become the EXCO? hello??? you better wish me for not spoiling the things la.. lol.. oh no! exco technical, which means MORE pindah-pindah and pasang-pasang thingy. which means MORE MOBIC + PCM for me.. MORE ice on my back.. omg.. have to get more stock from orthopedic during next follow up.

and rupa-rupanye jia wern and i memang hate someone. someone who always tertelan half of the ‘M’ when he speaks malay. macaM mana –> macaN mana. may be he is too hungry kut, jia wern said. haha..

ok la.. wish me won’t break the things before breaking my back la..  haha..

narcissism attack


oh no.. i love this picture so much..

or should i said i love myself so much?? lol..

after seeing this picture, bee ping’s first response was ‘u really like this kind of picture hor’. what to do, i find myself look weird if i didn’t act cool in the picture. and if i act cute, she definitely will laugh her ass off. i think everyone will.. lol..

sketch 2



am too bored and so start sketching again.. but not on the paper. with my pda this time. suddenly love my pda so much except the its camera.

helpaiya.. forgot to put my signature there.. LOL


anyone notice any different with the header image? except the wordings..

not you, buddy.. i have already told you the answer.

haih.. forget about it.. even my buddy pun tak perasan, what a big failure of my product…