ssm group photos

“students pandang kat buku, doctor pandang depan.. smile..”

“yayaya… tunjuk2 sikit kat buku tu”

mr johar insists to wear white coat. but i prefer him to be in black.

1 malaysia (kononnye).. hahaha..

“semua pandang kat buku.. smile..”

(dila dila.. pandang kat buku la, bukan depan.. n buka mata.. :p)

photos were taken in mini studio of multimedia department. (the photos should be taken somewhere at the foyer, but since pak nan asked us to go into the studio, so ikut je la.. :p) we’re having lots of fun but when already get used to be the photographer, tak biasa jadi model pulak.. :p

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  1. How do you get to have these photos? You asked from En Nan?

  2. yup. but the photos i got from him last week are the raw 1, without being processed, i edited the photos myself. heard from other group, they will help us to edit the photos.

    prof, if you want the photos of your group, may be i can try to get for you after En Hasnan has passed the processed photos to our multimedia side? 🙂

  3. Sure, would appreciate that. Berposing begitu begini jugak la that day. 🙂

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