fav quote during primary school

this week is the exam week for the primary and secondary school. doing nothing at home, my job now is halau my cousins away from the tv and go study.

then one day, my mum asked me whether i still remember whats my favourite quote last time during primary school when she asked me to study.

well.. hehe.. of course i remember  –> ‘ala.. no need to study 1 since i dunno what are the questions will be asked tomorrow’.. (feeling like wanna slap me?? hehe).. okok, that was me last time (see, i memang so chuan4 since primary school). but no more behave like that after a fall during secondary school. now lagi not dare to say like that, balasanlah tu. hehe..

another favourite quote of mine when my dad scold me for doing homework or reading in front of the television was, ‘i am using my eyes to read and ears to listen to the tv –> multitasking’ :p then lama-kelamaan, my dad pun dah accept this fact. lol.

hmmm… i wonder why none of my cousins use my trick when i ask them to study.. hehe..


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