these are the places which i go everyday…

don fikir yg bukan2.. no leng chai there to ‘kap’…only got a ah pek to screw me…yesterday kena screw teruk2 lagi…wrong worng worng…all wrong..

tat ah pek is my grandsifu…to screw my freestyle..

tired tired tired…yesterday morning swam at CRC, evening swam at BMCC..2 sessions in 1 day.

later 4.30pm, BMCC again…not feeling wana go…not feeling well..but wat to do.hv to go grandsifu wil bring his stopwatch to time me..actually no need to time me la cz i hv ad time myself few days ago..i need 60 seconds to finish 50m. 60s! 60s!!! as slow as oh gui!!! even a small small kid who swim beside me only needs around 40s to finish 50m.

SUKEM?? 25th of July..only left 1 week time. 1 week! tai4 bu4 zhi1 liang4 li4 le. dare? ya..i dare to mempersiasuikan diri sendiri, after all nobody knw me. not a big deal. last time stil semangat berkobar-kobar…but now it seems like hangat2 tahi ayam.
wat had happened to me??!! suddenly no improvement langsung…

and cannot fall sick at this critical period..or else sure habis…

bcz of world health day, i hv to go bac cheras tomoro or else i can stay until this sunday…tomoro morning my mum cannot send me to the bus station, she has to send my grandpa to penang tomoro morning..haih…i jz hope to spend more time at home..

ok la got to go now…going to be the nut screwed by the screw driver now…


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Posted on July 17, 2008, in medic life, 头疼. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. haih, at least you still got someone training you. i am down again, probably viral this time. cold intolerance and myalgia. and haven’t even timed myself before. aku lah yang akan mempersiasuikan the team nanti 😦

  2. wow.. i thougth just u nia…
    rupa-rupanya nyrac also join!
    nvm…must take care urself 1st la…
    long time no swim is like tht la…no consistant training ma..
    u surely stil hav time to improve de la..
    jia you…

  3. Now oni i knw what’s BMCC and CRC…
    Swimming pool place is it?

  4. yup…swimming club..
    ok i m down too…having running nose liao..

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